European charging stations for Model S

I didn't find a lot of information about what kind of charging stations are available in Europe (and - for me - especially in Switzerland). Until the Superchargers come, will there be many possibilities to recharge the Model S? Will the Tesla connectors delivered with the Model S be enough to charge at any available station?

I have #217 Signature Performance with P+ (hopefully in June/July).

I don't know how many of charging opportunities are in Switzerland, but several European countries has good network of CHAdeMO chargers, especially Estonia already has nation-wide network (148). All in all, there is 652 CHAdeMO stations in Europe according to

And of course, there is also a lot of regular outlets (1-phase, 3-phase), but difficult to count them all.

Thanks guys for the interesting information. I found some more charging stations in the web, but can they all be used with standard Model S equipment?

You can't use CHAdeMO, yet.

That may change, of course, by the time you actually receive your car.

Thomas hi,

Swisscom is planning to set up well placed charging points. Talk to Mischa about it:



Sig. Perf. 268

Hi Thomas,

the EU version of Model S is equipped with Schuko (240V) and IEC Type 2 (3-phase 400V) charging cables. There are lots of charging stations which support Type 2 charging up to 32A or 22 kW, at least in Germany. Check for more information, there are quite a few Swiss Tesla fans who can help you out.


Thanks to everybody for the links and the information. I didn't know these websites yet. Gonna browse them as soon as I find some spare time...

George Blankenship said all European Teslas will have a "native" CHAdeMo connector.

So are there any official or unofficial adapters being sold that I could charge a European car in America with, or an American car in Europe with?

No. Chalk and cheese.

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