Fan for rear facing jump seats

I didn't quit like the clip on fans in the Auto parts stores. So I looked around.

I found an almost perfect size portable fan.

O2cool 10 inch fan, $30 at bed bath and beyond (use that pesky 20% off coupon they send every other week!!), $25 at Amazon. It takes 6 D cells, last about 40 hrs, also comes with AC adapter which can be connected to a cigarette 12 volt to 110 v converter.

It fits pretty snug in the side pockets of the trunk, the fan is sitting on top of the Tesla bag which holds all my adapters.

Hope this helps with all the owners with the jump seats !!

Will attempt to post the picture of the fan in the trunk area.

Here is the actual retail box

How does it work for you? Using USB or battery?

I am using 6 D cell batteries. The unit can NOT use USB power, however it can help charge other devices (the fan has an USB power on the side). So if the kids in the back needs some power for the iphone, they can hook it up to the fan and get some charge.

77 F, 90% humidity this am in NJ, cloudy though. My son had a 30 min ride in the back this AM, no complaints. He will ride again around noon, 1 pm, suppose to get up to 82F will see how it goes.

Nice creative solution.


If Elon and his 5 kids are planning to drive across the US (granted not winter time), he should try putting a couple of these fans back there :)

ps. Brian H, thanks for the tip on posting pics!

Just reporting back, kids are comfortable back there in the jump seat with the portable fan. 90F sunny, humidity 57%.

ps. I have 30% Wincos tint for the fast back window on my S.

This looks perfect - much better than the ones I have seen others try. I just ordered it - $18 at Amazon.
Thanks CC!

I just ordered this fan too, thanks for the tip!

I have the 3M Crystalline tint on the back window, which I'm sure has provided some reduction in heat build up, however, that was not enough for our two kids (4 yrs & 8 yrs) on warm sunny days here in SoCal. I also purchased an inexpensive suction cup window screen (prior to Tesla's becoming available) and again it helped a bit, but not much. Opening the rear windows for circulation/ventilation also helps. I finally decided to break down and buy the $90 Tesla sunshade (last week) and it has helped tremendously. (I definitely recommend it, especially if you have a good window tint as well. Wants $90 after spending $1,500 for the jump seats)? I also bought a fan and inverter to plug into the 12 Volt outlet, but I haven't had to use it yet and might return the big expensive Vornado Fan for the compact (less expensive) O2Cool Fan, which just might be all that is needed on those hot summer days.
And finally, I came across two other creative posts. One person (@BlueTesla) created a "vent extension" out of cardboard to direct AC from the back of the center arm rest into the rear jump seat area. He's ashamed of the idea, but I must admit I considered it myself and if it works that's what matters most.
The other creative option was an AC unit made from a 5 gallon bucket of ice, with a few vent holes cut out and a small fan blowing on the ice and pushing cool air out the vent holes. Gotta love the ingenuity! Now let's see what Elon Musk and the folks at Tesla can come up with as a more refined fix!

Here is another option. We have one on the rear vents that sends air to a rear facing baby seat located in the second row.

My daughter uses one on her Nissan Leaf to move air from the front vents to the rear facing baby seat in the second row.

They work pretty well.

That's using your noogle!

Roamer: That is absolutely a Noggle idea!

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