Anyone have details on how the financing process will work when you are ready to build???

Ha You haven't heard?

If you finance through them for 6%, you will be called ahead of reservation holders that will not finance through TM.

*It's in the fine print that hasn't been printed yet.

Yeah, that invisible fine print is a killer ...

6%! Yikes- that seems way out of line with other financing rates.

He's joking. "fine print that hasn't been printed yet" should have been a clue. THIMK!

I was told that once I have the Predelivery MVPA, I can take it to my Credit Union to apply for a loan. I'm sure TM will have their own financing available (from one of their affiliates), but I could get under 2% if I take a 4 year loan out or 3.5% for 7 year loan at my credit union.

I'll have a good 3 months to get the loan in place - the credit union shouldn't take more than 2 weeks.

At this point I'm thinking a home equity loan for 2.99%. Did anyone follow up when Wells Fargo said they were going to partner with Tesla for financing?

take the loan now, and put the money in TSLA stock, and cash in with your 40% gains this fall.


Check with your credit union now to see if they will finance your car. I'm with BECU in Washington State and they won't finance the car as it is too "new". Hopefully your credit union won't be so short sighted as mine.

Check with Bill Gates and see if he'll pool with you and self-insure!



Please keep on BECU. I contacted them in person twice in the last two weeks, and have called. They are waiting for demand. See post on Washington forum here. And drop me a line. Lets keep on em.

Talked to BECU again today. Like stated, they are waiting for the demand before they offer a loan on the Tesla S.

BTW the persion did say that you can ask for an "exception" and that they would review your credit on a case by case basis.

Nice to see the answer went from "no" to "maybe" :)

CRAP! I was looking to finance through BECU as well. With three people riding them, I am sure they will budge! :)

Keep on dialing!

I'm planning on financing through Pentagon Federal Credit Union (anyone can become a member online, without a military connection) - they are offering upto 60 month term loans at 1.49%!):

I looked at the details on the PenFed loan.
I think it is hilarious that they actually use SMALL PRINT on an internet page for the "Details and Disclosures"
I'm sure all the other placed do it too but isn't time for them to grow up? LOL

The VIN-loan thread asks how to provide the lender with the usual VIN specs required for loan approval. Does PenFed have an issue with that?


Have you talked to PenFed about if they will finance a Tesla. I've been having a issue for the last 6 months working with BECU here in Washington state, and thus far they won't write a loan for it. They have good rates, but the one from PenFed is excellent.

But will they loan for a Tesla?

The lender also needs a grip/guesstimate about resale value; if you default, they own the car.

I'll note for anyone with Energy Federal CU outside of DC, I've talked with them in detail about a loan for the full cost of the S, and they verified with underwriting that they are happy to provide loans for the S.


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