I am tall and need a lot of headroom (most cars do not fit...I have an LS430 which fits...the new LS460 does not fit). I usually need 39.5+ inches of headroom. Anyone know how much the "S" has? Ideally I would like to sit in one to see if it would work. (I have reserved a model S, but would cancel if there is not enough headroom...)

What are you, 7'4"? That's tall. My guestimate of Model S interior height from seat to roof is somewhere around 36-37 inches (based on specs and interior picture from autobloggreen).

Sitting, most men are 28" tall, and women 24". (70cm and 60cm). Height differences are in the legs, except at the extreme ends of the range(s).

I don't know where you guys get your information, but you are seriously out of touch. The Lexus LS460 has front headroom of 38 inches. It is not enough for me. Is there someone here that knows what they are talking about?

Frank, you're right. I'm not very tall (6'1") and I need almost 37".

I am shocked that you don't fit in a LS460!

I'm 6'4" I just angle the seat back and slouch a little... My 335d has a front headroom of 39" it seems to work fine (but not if I sit as upright as possible.)

Dear Ad van der Meer and mnx: Thanks for your posts. I was very disappointed I could not fit an LS460 (I have an LS430 and IT is fine, because I can lower the seat quite a bit). I have tired angling the seat back and that is part of my problem...I like to sit upright and while I am only 6'5", I think I may have a slightly longer torso for my height...I have tried other cars and it seems that at 39 1/2" I am fine...I hope they make the "S" to fit that...

I don't think Model S can be that good for interior space. Whole car has 1426 mm height

- ground clearance 113 mm
- battery pack + floor 150 - 200 mm
- seats 200 mm

leaves 963 mm / 38.52 inches best case not counting roof thickness or stuff like that....and that is assuming that battery pack is the lowest point of the car.

Frank, you just may have to wait for the Model X in 2014. Big EV SUV for you. Should give you the head room you are looking for the an EV also!

I for one will be SOOOOO glad to get the real specs instead of reading every brilliant guy's absolutely accurate opinions. So many on this list are obviously very intelligent, but also with intelligence comes the idea that one who has an opinion is infallible.
I refer to the battery and floor estimate: For a 4 inch thick battery bolted to a floor which we know does not have the fully desired stiffness, you guess 6 to 8 inches (Pardon, it is 5.9" to 7.9"). Now, in my fortunate years, I have learned that my opinion doesn't mean much, but "150 to 200 mm" seems a bit much. If the floor thickness is on the low end of your estimate, then the head room could be all of two inches greater. 40 inches is actually quite a lot.

I also would like to know about the headroom in the Tesla S as I am 6'4" and cant fit into most cars due to headroom. Virtually any normal car with a sunroof is either uncomfortable or impossible.

Not everyone is tall because of having Giraffe's legs. :)

this sounds like a valid question to post in ... I would think that they should have a good idea by now of the internal dimensions. Otherwise, if you didn't already, why don't you ask the customer rep directly?

I doubt the seats have been chosen at this point. Similarly the thickness of the roof is unlikely to have been set. I note great variation in head room in cars of similar outer dimension. Depending on design, the glass roof may shorten the ceiling a lot or a little.

@Roblab, that was the low end of my estimate. If you look at the Model S interior pictures from Autobloggreen site I think that seat height is actually quite a bit more than just 20cm. Seats have rails in which they move back and forth, mechanisms to tune the position and also sitting so close to the floor puts your feets in awkward position. So even if that battery pack is actually thinner than that 150mm I think it is still quite optimistic estimate.

You probably can fit in even 2+m tall people, but they need to sit a bit less upright in those seats.

Remember Elon Musk is 6'4" ...I doubt he going to build a car that does not fit him. As a roadster owner that is almost 6'6" tall I am confident the S will fit

I am 6' 5" tall and I was able to ride in the Model S if I tilted the seat back about 4". I could not sit up straight without my head touching the roof.

Frank, I'm 6'9" and had plenty of room in the S prototype. However, it is just that. I was told the interior is under design, so we won't know until the Beta is released next year.


They let you sit in the prototype? When I visited is in Boulder they had the thing roped off and weren't letting folks in it.

Did you by chance get an opportunity to fiddle with the center console?

Okay, so now I know that all those years of "tall envy" were misguided. Sometimes being tall has its disadvantages.

AFAIK that Model S prototype that those showrooms have is that mockup based on some MB platform and Roadster battery. Not the same thing. I'm guessing not even for external dimensions.

Have they started to deliver alpha-models to those showrooms?

I have not heard about any alphas in the show rooms yet, but I believe I remember being told almost all the stores would get one... do not quote me on that one though.


I was able to sit in the prototype in the Chicago location and it was gorgeous. The info screen functions almost exactly like a touchscreen phone (apple or android). I think my favorite part was being able to expand the navi to the entire 17" of the screen.

the plan is to build around 20 alphas. They are assembled manually from hand crafted parts, mostly produced by external suppliers. They are way to precious to sit in a show room, cost well beyond $250k per car. Their purpose is to help find problems that are expensive to fix when production starts so the $10m for the alpha program is well invested money.

Alphas will undergo crash test, durability, hot and cold climate and so on. They will be busy for that time and probably not suitable for presentation after that. I know that some crash tested cars have been on exhibition here and there, it is not exactly the thing to attract new customers.

The betas will be produced from parts produced on the "real" production line, allowing to build more of them. The betas will be in show rooms and available for test drives.

Thanks for the correction

Maybe beta-prototypes, IE. those that have been made in the factory line, could be in showrooms before design is finalized. OTOH I don't think it takes very long from beta to final, so stores might as well wait for final design.

But they could try to use the betas to help get a final boost in reservations for the S.

Although, I don't see them needing the boost after the media gets a hold of the betas, that may be a big enough boost.

hmm, cant they take one the chased alphas and put it on display, it is written off any way, and if they need to take a second look at it, they can just pass by the showroom, for a chat ;-)

Headroom: My problem is that I am 6'3" with 29" legs. It is really hard for me to enough headroom in any type of car. I also weight 400lbs. Are there any suggestions from any one?

You could lose some weight. I'd say about half. You live longer. That also increases the headroom quite a bit, because you lose excess matter at your bottom, which has to be quite a lot.

@ Timo

You are opening up to a huge argument...


Whether you are angry or not this is not the place to argue its a Tesla forum so please do not start arguing

No reason to get angry. I'm pretty confident that he does feel that same and knows it, just losing that excess weight can be rather difficult thing to do. I like eating, keeping myself at limits of ordinary weight I need to exercise quite a lot, which can be difficult if you have too much weight (just climbing a small bump causes you to feel that you have run zillion miles, I speak from experience).

I usually need 39.5+ inches of headroom. Anyone know how much the "S" has? (Frank9, OP)

You should be covered, head room in the Model S is specified as 39.8" in front.

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