How many Model S owners had a Roadster?

I'm curious how many people sold their Roadster to get a Model S? In terms of acceleration, they are similar, but I'm assuming the Roadster is much more nimble and fun to drive. Anyone miss their Roadster?


I kept my Roadster. It is definitely quicker than the 85, although I don't have the performance model. They make a great couple.

I have both as well. Nice to look at in the garage, but the Roadster is definitely underused now.

My guess is less then 15%

It's not a fair comparison. The cars are very different.
The Roadster weighs 2700 pounds, has adjustable shocks and sway bars so you can make the ride very tight, flat (and rather harsh, but that's the way I like it). The steering is mechanical, unassisted so you get a lot of feedback. It corners much flatter. It is 1/2 second faster to 60 which may not seem like much until you think of the percentage difference between 3.7 and 4.3 seconds; and it feels much faster because it is so low and rather noisy. It's more nimble, pure-sports-car-fun to drive, great on an autocross course. Of course, the seats are hard and there's almost no space for anything. And it eats rear tires in less than 4000 miles.

The Model S weighs almost a ton more. The suspension is good, but is set up a little more toward comfort than tightness. It leans a little in corners. It's very nice on broad, sweeping turns, but it's too big and heavy to toss through tight corners. The steering is electric; it's accurate but gives no feedback or feel. The speed is there, but it's so smooth it's not as thrilling. On the other hand, it's very comfortable, very smooth and not tiring to drive a long time, passes fast, has a more elegant feeling to the power delivery, and is more refined overall. And you can see all the controls on that marvelous touch screen.

Two good cars for different purposes.

We have a Roadster and a Model S. I know several Roadster owners that bought a Model S. I don't know any that traded their Roadster in for a Model S. JaneW's analysis is right on. The only thing I have to add is that the Roadster is more efficient (fewer Wh/M) than the Model S and, of course, can carry more people. In our house both cars get driven almost every day.

Um . . . Rod and Barbara, I assume you mean "can carry fewer people"?

carry fewer

You oughta see those 15 clowns coming out of a Roadster. Amazing!

Thanks. As a 911 driver, I wonder if I would be happier with the Roadster than the P85+ I have on order. On the other hand, I drove a Caymen and thought it was too low to the ground and too small in comparison to the 911. I didn't feel safe among other cars. I'm assuming the Roadster would feel even smaller....

@rdalcanto If you're taller than about 6', you may find the Roadster too small for any trip more than 30 minutes. The other issue I found with the Roadster (I don't own one, my cousin does), is it doesn't really have any of the "bells and whistles" the MS has (or a new Porsche for that matter). It's FAST, tight and sporty, but designed for a totally different driver. I don't think you can compare it to the MS. Also, yes, the Roadster feels very small and low compared to other cars.

@ DouglasD - Good catch. My wording wasn't very precise. I meant to say the Roadster is more efficient and the Model S carries more people. I mention that because many times those are the determining criteria when we choose a car to use for a particular trip.

@rdalcanto, my wife has a 911, which I drove regularly until the day I picked up my Roadster. When I had to drive the 911 a few months later to put gas in it for her, it felt like a toy. I drove the Roadster daily for 3 1/2 years, until I got my S, and elguapo's assessment is pretty accurate. Driving the Roadster made me far more aware of every vehicle around me, as I assumed they don't see or hear me. It is VERY low to the ground, I don't know if I will be able to get in and out of it in 20 years.

If you love the raw acceleration, the Roadster is better than the S. However, it's useful only once or twice a day, depending on traffic conditions. It's most helpful for where I live, the freeway on-ramps are short and people don't always want to let you in, but the Roadster doesn't care about them. If I have to choose (and I do have to, every day), I take the S most days.

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