How many Teslas have you sold?

Elon said in the latest Bloomberg interview many owners sell 2-3 Teslas, after people see yours or maybe even before, they place their own orders.
Are you doing your share?
I ordered mine because a Roadster owner told me about the S a few years ago, and I know he had "sold" at least another S and one X.
I have "sold" my dad one. So I am "underperforming".

how many have you "sold"?

I'm getting mine Thursday (whoohoo!) and plan on having a Tesla party soon with another friend of mine who sold me...

I have sold two... one to my father and one to my father in-law! I don't even own one, but I love the company and product so I promote all I can!

Gen III is on my radar!

I sold 2. And indirectly a 3rd. A friend of mine who I sold on the idea but isn't ready to buy yet sold one to a friend of his. And convinced that friend to buy the stock too!

Along with several other forum members, I have been showing my car at a few events where we were trying to sell raffle tickets to benefit a local high school PTSA. I suspect we have sold a couple of cars at each of these events.

I said this on some other thread, but seems more appropriate here:

New marketing/sales strategy to reward enthusiastic owners:

If three referrals buy an MS, get your next Tesla free.

Could up the game considerably...

The car sells itself. I just provide introductions. So far one introduction has resulted in a happy long term relationship with a couple I know (delivered a few weeks ago).

Think I'm up to 3. Someone else just asked me for "review" - so maybe a 4th. My attempt at a balanced review at

Great review cliff... I wish this could get published in major auto publication or tv personality do nation wide segment as balanced and genuine.

Nice review. I think that the issues that were apparent in December are now starting to subside. My car delivered at the end of Feb is great--everything works and everything was delivered. Tesla's end of the year rush probably contributed to some of the things you pointed out. I think it has now progressed to the point where we have gone from beta testers to gamma testers.

I have sold 6 to friends and colleagues in the last 5 months

wow, Peter you are awesome, doing all of us Tesla owners and stockholders a big favor (and to those you sold to too!)

@Cliff - I like the review. Seems quite balanced. Did you ever get your supercharger issue resolved?

Also you might want to add that the Superchargers provide "free" fuel for Tesla owners for life! Quite a bargain.

I've sold 8 S's and 1 X. Proud to do my part. :-)

Only one X so for :-(

@Peter and @s_curve
Very impressed!

One great idea from the Tesla Motors Club site: get some customized 'business cards' to hand out. Vistaprint and other sites allow you to put a fairly slick card together and order online. I have a 2013 Red ordered so I put a pic and a caption on one side, on the back I have some basic data about the car and a quote from Automobile Magazine. So if someone is asking lots of questions, you can hand them a card. Can help if you need to move on, and leaves them something with data and the website.

I'm not on commission - but I am a stockholder :)

@Frank2 - haven't brought car into the shop yet - can't stand the idea of parting with it for the better part of a week! Been waiting till they have my due bill stuff so I can do it all at once. Theory is that contactor that switches from AC to DC isn't connecting DC feed.

I also updated the review with the free fuel benefit and a few more tidbits.

I'm not sure I've sold any yet (I get mine in April), but at least 10 people I work with, all of who can afford a Model S, have said "Wow! Congrats!!" in open appreciation. I'm sure I'll be giving plenty of test drives in a few weeks :-)

My brother sold one, thanks Bro!

You might want to replace the "broken heart" image with a simple heart; that jagged break is a rip, not an electric bolt! ;)

The "commission" idea is flawed, and will never be implemented. It probably is self-defeating. Imagine a prospect saying or thinking, "Yeah, yeah; you just want get a free car!" And wouldn't they be right?

The credibility of owner enthusiasm is so powerful precisely because it is unpaid and unforced.

typo: "...want to get...".

@brian - bummin me out...thought it was lightning

I have already gotten a "reward" as I have been invited to a nice "While we wait for our Tesla" dinner. I live in Oslo - Norway and we still have some more waiting to do. First cars will be delivered in June - best case. Looking forward to meet other reservation holders. (Only one of the invited is one of the 6 I have sold a car to.) I bet that Oslo will be the highest density Tesla S city in the world by end of 2013. I guess at least 300.

I know I've sold one. Possibly more at the autoshow but hard to know for sure.

About my supercharging issue: turns out it was software (not that the techs or phone support knew) - 4.3 fixed it (not that I could tell without making a special trip to a supercharger). Glad it is working...not happy with how it was handled and inability to *know* if it will work *before* heading out on a road trip.

i could sell ten or more in puerto rico , our island is just 100 x 35 miles but we cant get service over here. i have to ship my car to ft lauderdale to service it. porshe sells about 32 units a month here is very unfortunate that teslamotors dont get into this markey

Jorge -- order an MS on the website. Purchase the ranger service. See what happens...

I updated my review today. Still loving the car, but there are some nuisance items that service doesn't seem well equipped to fix. I think the service organization is lagging behind Elon's promises and just scrambling. Fortunately the issues have been minor!

It is hard to tell how many Teslas I've sold. None have deposited yet but I suspect many will, either soon on a Model S or later on an X or G3. Seeds often take a while to spout.

To sell them, you have to create a large funnel: I have let 50 adults drive my car in 30 days, atleast 35 of them can afford the car(and had good insurance). I think I let them have more fun in it than a regular staid ole Tesla official test-drive. Will change them into customers soon enough.

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