I CHANGED my mind! Please help.


I reserved a general production vehicle last year not really sure if I'd go through with the purchase. However, I've since changed my mind, and I would like to get the Signature Model S. I know, I know, I'm too late. It's sold out by now right?

What can I do besides...cry???


I feel your pain my brother.

Take consolation in the fact that you're not paying a premium for some badgeing. I dropped my Sig and went back to a P.

FYI... It's a slim chance, however, you can ask your Tesla Rep to put you on their Sig backup list (you don't have to pay anything extra to do it either).

I don't know how many people are on it, however, at least you would be in line in case some drop out.

I just added myself to the signature list, I was told it was highly unlikely that I would get one but am on the list none the less.

I made it off the wait list and into signature list this week, so it is possible.
However, I sometimes wonder if it is the right choice. I really, really like the blue. And the 19" wheels.
Hopefully, there are some signature surprises still to come!

I'm in a similar boat. I have P457 but wanted an S.... My wife vetoed. Now she wants the S, and this is somehow my fault?? Sigh.

David, did they tell you how far down the waiting list you were? Just curious how many on the Signature list have dropped out.

Hi David,

when did you ask to be put on the waiting list?



My understanding is that you still keep your P reservation and are added by e-mail address to the Sig waiting list but that list at this point is so long that it's highly unlikely we would get called to upgrade our reservation. I added my name, just in case! Better odds then winning the Lottery on Friday!

Phillip - Why do you want a Signature S? Is it the earlier delivery, red paint, white leather or the words Signature written on the dash and back of the car? If none of that applies, save yourself $3550 (plus sales tax) and just option up your P when your number comes up.

@phil, why do you want a sig now? Early delivery or special badging?

IMHO, don't sweat it bro, if you are hungry for either or both, get a Model X sig.

There are several pro's to waiting a few more months for ours so hang tough, be a man and don't cry! Quality should go up with every car built. Just keep that in mind. And even though you'll have a long wait, think of those who have been waiting several years.

I asked to be put on the waiting list the same day they ran out of Sig slots, and got my confirmation the next day on the phone.

You can still by it in Canada, the Sig list is still open as I know.

I'd rather have a stealth Sig, with no rear badge to betray cost. White leather may be overlooked. :)

@DavidG: Regarding stealth, how about getting it repainted to matte black? :-)

Maximizes chances of totalling the car, too!


Maybe more prone to being totaled but to quote Paris Hilton, "That's Hot!"

Is suspect that once prices are finalized and people are asked to place their production orders then some will drop of the sig list and spots will open up.

Remember that everyone who initally ordered an S was given the option of being put on the sig list for no extra deposit.

I don't remember that at all... and I'm #32. I had to pony up $40k.

just remember that there is still space on the European signature list

I don't ever remember such an offer, but it doesn't matter to me as I wasn't interested in a Sig.

All I know I had to plunk down $40K to reserve my sig 507.... Had to be committed.Still am.

There are those who think we should all be committed. I'm a true believer, but my wife is a skeptic.

Well, there are the committed, and the committer committee ...


Tell her that the more grief she gives you, the harder she'll have to beg to be allowed behind the wheel when it arrives! >:-}

I was under the impression that the S Signature list was a global list?

I was on the P list 2 years ago and got cold feet ... was P1800ish.

Wonder when I would have taken delivery of that one? Then again, seems like now you cannot order red til 2013, so no biggie.

What's in a paint colour? I mean why offer red for only Sig?

- I was under the impression that the S Signature list was a global list

I don't think so because a week ago there were still signature slots open in Canada.

I asked about availability the Signature Red color in 2013 models while visiting the new beta that arrived here. I think the Signature Red is a great shade of red that really compliments the car. Alas, they said only the original Signatures will be in that version of red.

BUT... after hearing my dissapointment, the representative added that he just learned that CUSTOM COLORS will be coming available.

I saw the Signature interior color that they call "white". It looked like what I would call beige or buff but not dark enough to call tan. I wouldn't even call it off-white.

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