Jeff + Joe = 30hr Tesla Model S Opti-Coat Pro - Immaculate Reflections

I teamed up with Joe from Orinda Auto Detail to take care of a somewhat isolated Telsa client out in Eureka. He couldn't find anyone that would come out to him, so Joe and I made the 5hr drive to Eureka to make sure his P85 looked stunning after correction and Opti-Coat Pro! Thought you guys would like to see us team up and knock out a Tesla in rough shape. Check the link!


That is impressive - nice work!

I think those pictures just helped me decide that blue is the color for me!

Great job.

I guess the dog was giving the owner some unconditional love.

When will you be coming through Wyoming?

Joe did my multi-coat 'arrest me' red a few months ago-really fabulous. He now has done about 100 Model S and is the go-to expert in the SF Bay Area (...and beyond, as OP noted).

I am in Colorado just west of Denver - any recommendations?

Also, what was the cost for fixing the blue car?

Rod in Evergreen


I'll have to let Joe respond to the cost as it was a unique situation of 2 detail pros teaming up to help an owner out

There's an outfit in Steamboat that looks promising--I think I found them through the Opticoat website.

Damn that looks amazing!.........

How long does the opti-coat last?


Opti-Coat Pro is permanent. :)

Can you also do this if you already have paint armor? I ordered mine with it because of the sand issues in Colorado.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

Thanks Jeff for sharing this! It was awesome working with you! @rod Yes Opticoat serves a very different purpose than the paint armor. It protects your paint, from bird etchings, UV rays, paint fade, fall out, and other things that in general could harm your paint all while eliminating the need to wax! And if you email me I'll do my best to find you a trust worthly installer as I have for many others!

Fantastic work, as always, gentleman.


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