Key Fob keychain suggestion

Found a possible keychain for the keyfob issue:

Olympus Carabiner Camera Strap (black)

Found this on Amazon for $5. Not perfect but better than anything else I have seen.

I've been using:

They are shorter than most of the other camera straps and thicker/more robust.

For my black/black with perf red piping with black carbon fiber I got one of these too:

The key lives in the protective pouch and thanks to 4.0+ (auto handles) never really leaves it.

Walla2 what brand is the strap in the picture you showed.

Op Tech. You can click the picture to see it at


Thanks for your suggestion. Where is the pouch from?

Sorry. You can also click on the picture for that to go to the Amazon link. The seller has two sizes with the same basic look. I went with small and the fob fits nicely.

I use a thin cable tie (4") and leave a loop to add the fob to my key ring. BTW, I wish that the key fob is waterproof or at least water resistant since many things can happen to the key ring: dropping into the sink, to the wet floor, etc.

The 2-Way RF FOFA Find One Find All® Key Finder Fits almost perfectly under the Tesla Key Fob - I have have attached them to both Key Fobs. I have one Key Fob in the Draw and the other which I works nicely to add your keys.

I knew I should have bought this when you posted it. I expect my car within 2 weeks so I went to order this but they're out of stock - I just ordered 2 on backorder. I suppose we have lots of practice being patient at this point :) Thanks for the info!

There's also the little ring-big ring DIY solution. (Big ring links onto little ring on the FOB.)

RobS, what did you expect? Thousands of new Tesla owners are now ordering simultaneously! ;-)

Key Fob Scratch Repair. I will let any Chem E's on the board comment but this stuff is like magic on my vintage Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch. The crystal on this watch is acrylic not saphire or glass. Absolutely amazing what it does and I believe it should work on any plastic compound.

A fun OT thread would be watches you own. I will bet that Tesla early adopters have some very interesting collections.

Never owned a watch since I had my first mobile phone. The only watch I might consider owning would be a Tesla-branded key fob watch!


Love my watches, although they are not electronic like the model s. Mechanical only for the last 15 years.

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