List of minor annoyances and needed cool stuff for model S

Model S is a great car coming from a new company but still prone for electrical and mechanical problems. After many decades some cars (eg;Jaguars) are still prone for these issues (loose attachments of hinges, humming noises at highway speeds, rattling sounds from doors etc).

I request the current owners of model S to list few small annoying things you have noticed during your ownership.

Also few nice things I am used to with my Mercedes CLS 550 which i would like to see in model S; May be some are already available.

1) active seats with massage and active ventilated seats,
2) LED headlights,
3) heated steering wheel,
4) folding side mirrors when locking the car,
5) "hold the break" feature at traffic lights,
6) alerts from cell phone texts with ability to hear while driving,
7) Lane departure alert with steering wheel vibration
8) Blind spot detection
9) "Max AC" feature after a summer work out.
10) Easy Bluetooth and iPod integration with center console.


What is "blind spot detection" or, for that matter, what is a "blind spot" ?

Model S comes standard with a rear view mirror and two side mirrors.

Actually it also Comes with a back camera as the visability from the rear view mirror isn't that great.

Wiki as usual can help you much better than I do ;)

so some cars do have devices that detect things (cars or People) in your blind spots.

Only issue is the poor FM reception , I have been to tesla service center , no fix :-(

@pramod1969 - you should check out the site: - they have an ongoing list of improvements/wish list for Model S.

And, go to as you can check for some aftermarket solutions as well.

Also, check out this list, you can add to it too:

@ramtaz - i agree the fm receiver is lacking... at first i thought it was just a poor stereo system but the speakers actually are very good quality and sounds excellent when you play music from your stored device. The fm radio is adequate for listening to talk shows.

@pramod 1969

My opinion on this is that yor're off the mark with some of your views. Firstly, after 15 years with Audi, BMW and Mercedes AMG I drove a Jaguar XF until I took delivery of my Model S early last week. In 3 1/2 years I put 120'000 miles om the Jaguar and I may say that never bevore have I had a car as reliable as this one. Without the Model S available, I simply would have upgraded to the facelift version of the XF. The worst car in terms of reliability I ever had was the AMG Merc.

When I compare the electric drive system of my S Performance Plus with the drivetrain of the latest E and S Series Mercs, every other option of the ICE cars available in this ballpark shrinks to insignificance. I don't want all this stuff in my car. The only exception being active cruise control, which I now see would be a great feature in the Model S. As for the rest, please spare me. These are all just clutter objects masking the fact that there is no more real progress in ICE drivetrain development.

So yes, I herewith confirm that if a future Model S will be offered with massage seats, lane assist, a sound module imitating the noise of a V8 engine and all the other stuff ze Germans consider to be important, while ignoring the fact that I drive a fulll EV now and that I am not their customer anymore, I will not order all this as it is of no importance to me.

The build quality of my Model S, btw. is outstanding. One can see that this car was put together by people who know what they are doing.

Brgds, Patrick

Here are a few others:

- Locked Out!: It seems possible to lock yourself out. I left my key in the car and got out to check a charging station, when I turned around the doors locked before I got to them. Fortunately I had a passenger in the car to let me in.
- Key: Although novel it is not practical, it cannot be put on a normal key-ring and the bit of cord it has fitted is not as upmarket as the car.
- Media: I would really like my music or current audio book on my iPhone 5 to just play when I get in the car and not have to go to the menu and select the connected iPhone every time. The Bluetooth link too basic and have had it drop out once and fail to connect a couple of times.
- Phone: Needs a favorites list.
- Navigation: In Navigation view searching for a shop seemed to list results in random order rather than nearest first. For example I was in Los Gatos and a search for Staples came up with one in San Francisco as the first one.
- Navigation: Favorites, for example Home, Office or whatever I choose.
- Controls: The indicator, wiper control is hidden behind the steering wheel. It is in about the worst location.
- Trip Info: It would seem very easy to provide significantly more comprehensive trip information than at present.
- Trip Tracking: Given the always on GPS it should be possible for the car to track all trips and store that for review on the map. I would like to review my travel history like this.
- Voice commands: Siri understands me, the Tesla doesn't, I am still to get it to work.
- Charger: I would like a hook on the charger handle so it is easy to hang it up.
- Suspension: Option to have the suspension raise to 'highest' when 'P' is pressed to make getting and out a bit easier for people who have difficulty getting into and out of a low vehicle.
- Hill start assist: Prevents the car from rolling backwards when starting on a hill, this is standard on many cars.
- Heads Up Display.
- Cameras: All round cameras. BMW have got the idea and even offer side front bumper cameras to see around corners.
- Run-flat tires or a light-weight spare.
- Night vision.
- Window shades.

pramod1969-Whats the point of your question? I'll play along. I would love sensors for my 21" rims, opps, I mean my husbands 21" rims. Keep forgetting its his car..I cant stop driving, We had several MB, worst cars we ever owned...

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