Model S Sportback

I know the Model S is just beginning. Some of the reviews say that the back headroom is limited to about a 5'8" person. Maybe Tesla should consider adding a Model S Sport-back, like the jag. Having this could increase the huge cargo capacity and open up the rear cabin. Weirdly it could have the capacity for 7 adults with the rear facing seats. It wouldn't be as pretty but it would add the ability for a wider range of customers. Let me know what you think, If was considering it we would probably see a Launch in Quarter 1 next year.

they already have it is called the model x

+1 skystream3.7

When I did my test drive, one of my passengers is 6'3 and he said he had no problem fitting comfortably in the back seat.

The standard model tall guy has long legs and a more or less (within 1") standard torso length. But then there are the Giant Dwarves, with short(er) legs and long torsos, hence taller "sitting" height. So it all depends.

Pano room and standard roof is also a factor!

slouching is also a factor. I'm 6'3" and have no problem in the back as long as I don't do my school marm impression. Slide your butt forward, relax, and quit complaining. ;-)

I'm 6’8 and the back is great with pano. Without pano and I have to duck.

That was what thought I was just a bit confused by this article, I don't know where they got that fact!

Which fact? Sorry I missed it?

He's stating that without pano the Model S is effectively a 2-seater because rear headroom is so restricted.

Note: an assertion is not a 'fact' unless verified and proven and agreed on. Only the existence of the assertion is factual if it's wrong!!

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