Nice article on the REAL EV products vs the pretenders.

Commenter links to an article noting that the Smart EV will be powered by Evonik, not Tesla:
TM design, or something else? WUWT?

A co-worker had a Smart car. He rolled it just by driving on a not-so-high curb. Unless you live in an area where parking space is at a premium, the Smart car isn't so smart.

Yeah, every time I see them, I can't believe it. They're so goofy looking and tiny, and the gas mileage isn't that good. I mean, it's better than a large car, obviously, but it's not so amazing as to justify all you're giving up. The only way I think they would make sense is if they were much cheaper than they are right now.

In fact, it's not as good as my 2004 Prius.

Nor the '95 Geo Metro I had in terms of mileage and available space. I could easily get 4 adults in the Geo, and the hatchback let me get a great deal in the back. Not high power (3 cyl.), but could get 55 mpg at 55 mph.

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