No Pyongyang Tesla Store?!

'The resolution specifies some luxury items North Korea's elite is not allowed to import, such as yachts, racing cars, luxury automobiles and certain types of jewelry. This is intended to close a loophole that had allowed countries to decide for themselves what constitutes a luxury good.'

I guess Kim Jong Un and his cronies will have to learn to behave nice and not threaten nuclear attacks before getting a Model S's to cruise around in their workers paradise! Or they will have wait for Generation III which the UN might not consider a 'luxury automobile'...

Why would they have a Tesla store in Pyongyang? Don't you know? Kim Jong Il invented Tesla Motors 20 years ago and released the revolutionary Tesla Roadster. Kim Jong Un recently designed, developed, and handbuilt 3,000 Model Ses and has since instructed other workers on how to produce the Model S to power the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's economy so that it is even better than it already was, and also so that he can better focus his skills on improving the world in other ways.(though it takes 10,000 workers to match Kim Jong Un's productivitiy). They don't really need a store there. Everyone can just have a new Tesla since the are able to make so many.

Don't forget the fusion reactor they perfected a couple of years ago that now lights up the whole country at night, and will keep all the NV-EVs stuffed full of joules.

Lights up the whole country at night, but even better than ordinary lighting, because they invented a method to eliminate light pollution, which is why North Korea looks pitch black at night as seen from space. It is all thanks to dear leader.

Oh yes and do not forget that the Eternal President, the great Kim Il Sung invented electricity, Edison and Tesla were lured away by evil capitalists and just claimed all the credit for themselves - those dirty traitors!

That's right, who needs stores in the wonderful DPRK! Stores are for capitalist oppressors! Juche spirit will lead North Korea to greatness, you will see!

Dear leader is getting mad. Did we provoke him with our sarcasm or did he just realize that he won't get to own a Tesla anytime soon?

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