I am getting my car this week. We didn't order supercharging. But, if I was near a supercharger could I still charge at a reduced rate or would the car just explode?

Neither. It just wouldn't charge.

Although some have reportedly had luck on cloudy days with a kite tied to the bumper and a dangling key. YMMV

The SC is not powered up when unplugged or when you plug it in. Only when connected and it is getting the right signals from the car it will power up. Without SC option the SC doesn't get the right signals and will not power up.

Thanks. Good to know.

I'm thinking the car will explode as well as the town surrounding it.

@hsadler - there is no town around Harris, but it would cause massive meat shortage.

All the cows would be electrocuted . Giant BBQ.

Methane gas is explosive!

That's why cows belch. If they didn't they might go boom with a spark.

*phew* DouglasR, thanks for the confirmation.

There were rumors that reason we had no confirmation that the cars didn't explode is because no one who has tried it has survived!

That's what I believed all this time, but I guess, maybe, it could be possible that either the car just doesn't explode, or maybe no one's tried it yet. Still, that doesn't seem that likely... how can I trust your confirmation?

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