!OMG- I have a real dealbreaker problem!

Hello guys, I'm european reservationholder and hope to see my babe in September. Today my wife and I went to a new flat, we would like to buy within the next weeks. It's a house with 3 parties and everything is very tight- I mean, hey- that's Europe. It's that hard on the edge, that every german car would fit with at least a hair betwenn car and wall.
No joke, the Model S will not fit in the 2013-German-Garage...
Garage inside is 235cm, but the garagedoor is 213cm.
Model S is 218cm- WITH MIRRORS. With the mirrors folded it would fit slightly, but the space to leave the car would be max. 34,7cm (231cm-196,3cm). Can I get out the car with realistic 30cm of space?

Ok, long introduction for my "dealbraker"... the point is: If the Mirror cannot folded electric (in my electric car), I'm sadly out of the game.
Unbelievible: The Model S is wider than

BMW 7series
Mercedes S-Class
Mercedes G-Class

ok, a Q7 is 2cm wider. Tesla will get problems with this in Europe, more or less. In the Cities, the carparks are very small sometimes.
So, I'm a big fan (maybe the biggest), reservationholder and stock enthusiast- but I cannot buy this car without at least electric mirrors (in "the best car of the world")

What are Your thoughts? Teslas, please react.

You will have to wait for GENIII which is a smaller car. I doubt you could get in or out with 30cm of space. The doors are thick. You could always crawl out the back :-)

Maybe find a place with a larger garage.

Electric mirror option? For those that need it or want it... Not a bad thing.

That would solve the space problem for you?

Sounds like you should consider a less dense neighbourhood next move. As a former New Yorker, I will tell you high density is not usually good. Forget that 'new urbanism' rubbish, it does not work well for normal people - always be skeptical of urban planners, they are not always thinking of your best interests!

Warm regards from Florida!

Have you thought about trying this technique?

You could always widen the garage door. Or maybe cut out notches for your mirrors? I would go to such lengths to have my Model S!!!

I just checked. With 30cm Suppen-Kasper couldn't get out. Sorry.

okay, let's consider, the door thickness is at least (!) 15cm. That would leave room for coming out the car of max. 15cm !!
(231cm Garage minus 4cm room left on the right side minus 197cm Car minus 15cm open door).

So I started an experimental model-S-self-setup to find out, what will possible and what not. You find the result in this photo =)

So 15cm WITH folded mirrors. WTF?

And here it's not urban like big apple, it's more a nice village on the rhineRiver, which came out to be the best suburbia directly to Duesseldorf
It's some kind of special- like the Tesla!

I think, Tesla already now the problem, they must know it. In the netherlands it will be tight as well. Just try to circle the car through Amsterdam.. Norway has no problems with this, big country, less people.

Captain_Zap.. hahahaha, very good. But the sadly truth is this

My Garage would be in the middle (2nd).. so, no door in sight (

Are you serious? You can't just get out and fold the mirrors in before driving into the garage?

@jk2014: the 15cm are WITH folded mirrors (196,7cm)

And even if it would be possible, to slim trough 15cm as hardcore bulemiker: Who would fold both mirrors manually minimum 2 times a day (730 times a Year)? In a hightec-Car for 107.000€ ?

Sorry, this is Europe. Smallsmall---culture, old cities/structures
no big bling plastic planet!
I love Tesla, but this kind of american thinking is.. whatever, You all know, what I mean...

You could crawl out in the back... it's a hatchback and can open it with you key.

Captain_Zap - hilarious video. Thanks.

try some hatchback action! add a powered liftgate for extra luxury

...minimum requirements of a norm garage:
"Die Stellplatzgröße beträgt mindestens 5 m Länge und 2,3 m Breite (links und rechts weitere Parkplätze) bzw. 2,5 m Breite. Ebenso werden Zufahrtsgrößen, Kurvenradien, Fahrgassen usw. festgelegt."


If you have to have the “S” AND you have to have that specific home, I would suggest you watch this 2014 Kia Sorrento commercial. This may give you an alternative to ingress and egress. I am in no way suggesting you purchase a Sorrento

It seems like- I must decide?

Purchase car OR buying apartment? Hmmm.. heavy shit.

You could also exit through the sun roof.

Seriously, this is not much different from all those folks in the U.S. who want the S but live in a condo or apartment that will not let them install the appropriate electrical outlet. Some move (or don't buy the condo); some find a garage or charger nearby; some abandon their dream and don't buy the car.

Apartments are a dime a dozen. The Model S is one of a kind. :-)

There are aftermarket solutions to fold the mirrors electrically

Being originally from Germany I totally understand your situation. For folks in the US it is difficult to imagine how tight garages and parking spaces are in Europe, esp. in small villages along the Rhein. I can only imagine that you've been looking for quite some time to find the perfect living quarters.

It would seem that you'll have to find another car that fits more easily into your garage. There is no way I would crawl out of the S through the hatch - it's just not practical. The only other solution would be to park the car in the street - but where would you charge it?

that's the problem. I could rent a garage 200 Meters away, but I would need also the installment of the 3-phase outlet.

It's depressing!

Just for kicks I would get a quote from an electrician - maybe it is economically feasible to rent the garage and have an outlet installed?

Many threads have already discussed this. The Model S isn't getting narrower, and it seems highly unlikely that power folding mirrors will be added. Even if they did, it is still a wide car and would have very little clearance. It looks like you will need to decide between the garage and the car.

buy the car- Model S has enough room to live in

Get the flat. Don't get Model S.

Get a smart car with Tesla power train.

Problem solved.

Can anyone name some small cars that would fit in Whity's future garage? I would think that even a small car would be tight in such a small space.

A third-party electric folding mirror, which I can't imagine would look very good, has another problem - the Tesla FM and AM antennas are in the mirror housings (FM on both sides, and AM in the passenger side). Likely a replacement would require dumping both antennas. Might not be important to some, but another consideration.

And 3G is there too.

If you are getting a Pano roof for the MS. Install a small gantry crane to lift you out and away from the car. I will be fun!

Whity: I live in the Netherlands and I agree 100% with your problem. We also have similar norms for the size of cars and parking spaces etc. for them. The Model S is wider than those dutch norms. I hope Tesla take this into consideration when they design Gen III.

My solution: Keep the baby Jag so that when I go to the Dutch cities I can actually fit in the parking spaces but buy the Model S so that I can push the EV dream.

Have you tried to crawl out via the boot of the car ?
Not very elegant but might work ;-)

You need to call in the Mythbusters: "Let's go blow some stuff up!"

I take the S. I do not buy an very expensive appartment with a garage that small- no way. With the Model S a new Garage will never see any kind of exhaust- so it's a kind of a mens living room- it needs to be bigger than a slippy Garage...
F.e.. I need to place some "Bauhaus"-Furnitures by the car and wooden floor with rubberstrips for the the deliverystreet at Tesla )

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