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Has anyone looked into installing the outlet on there own? I'm not an electrician but I do know enough to add a new breaker, run the wire and hook up the outlet while staying in code so I am thinking of doing the work myself over a weekend and saving around $1500. Any throughts?

This thread over on TMC will give you everything you need to know and more:

Damnit. Brain not working tonight. 3rd time lucky. FAQ: Home Tesla charging infrastructure Q&A

My vehicle arrived early so I had no choice. Got parts as listed on the above link. Installed everything called an electrician about a Minor point. He walked me through it,

First few days I kept checking line to make sure it was heated but its been a month now. Total cost $80 bucks....

I did mine myself, it was pretty straightforward. The forums on TMC are quite helpful. FlasherZ is the very helpful resident expert over there.

Yes. Wired my own (two at home) and one at work. I am not an electrician but have pulled lots of circuits in new and old construction. Depending on where you main or a suitable sub breaker box is the process can be easy and inexpensive.

Having said that, I would always tell people to be positive they can do it right or get an electrician.

Do it yourself. It's not rocket science! I did mine with no prior experience at all. So far my house has not burned down, not even once!

It was a pleasure to be the first to plug into it Barry! Have a Merry Christmas, hope to see you at Dom Demarco's next month.

So you're Matt! Merry Xmas too you too! See you next month.

Just be sure that if you need an inspection that you get one. You don't want something going wrong in the future and have liability in a situation because it needed an inspection. Unless you are absolutely comfortable that you understand code requirements, get a pro to at least inspect it.

@GaryREM: +10

I bet the person in the news whose garage *did* burn down will not be here expounding their DIY install prowess. Pull permits and get an inspector to check your work.

"I'm not an electrician..."

That's pretty much where I stopped reading. If your electrician quoted you $1,500 for something you can do yourself as you described, then you need to get a 2nd quote. The cost of installing a NEMA 14-50 outlet should be no more than $300-$500 assuming you don't need a panel upgrade or anything like that. Spending such a little amount of money after buying an $80,000+ vehicle is nothing, and you have peace of mind that the job was done properly.

Do you know how your homeowner's insurance would handle an electrical fire at a connection which you installed yourself, without the assistance of a licensed electrician? From your insurance company's standpoint, meeting code may not be sufficient if the work was not done by a licensed electrician. You always have to think of the worst case scenario. Is it worth it to save $500?

Merry Christmas to all.

For my 14-50, I did the wiring, to the panel, thru the conduit, to the outlet box. Had some steps, walls to drill and wanted the wire, conduit to be above code. Then had an electrician come out and do the rest make sure it was right. Saved a few bucks, had the hook up done and examined.

The electrician said he would have used #8 wire, I used #6, he said no water proof conduit and connectors, did it anyway, I paid the extra in parts then with the licensed contractor that was willing to work with me.

All in including 2hrs of the electrician (he was slow) was about $250, over code, licensed contractor approved...

Be careful installing your own. I'm not an electrician but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!

I installed it to code below the Main Load Center myself in 2 hours with parts from Home Depot for $25.96 some of the installers are making $400/hour labor by some of those quotes. I'm really in the wrong business.

$ 8.25 GE THQP2150 50A 2-pole breaker
$ 8.89 Leviton NEMA 14-50R
$ 1.45 2-gang deep outlet box
$ 1.99 2-gang Range & Dryer wallplate
$ 5.38 6-3 with ground wire 2'@ $2.69 per foot

Agree to get an electrician to check it over and pull permits and get it inspected. Because these are high amp continuous loads, its a bit more demanding then putting in regular outlet. You might also run afoul of your insurance company if you ever have to file a claim.


I don't remember saying I never got it inspected. I did, in fact, get it inspected by a licensed electrician. His comment - "It's ugly, but it's up to code". (I've also checked (from the outlet all the way back to the CB)the heat generated after charging (at 40 amps) for several hours. It's never been above slightly warm.).

My city requires a permit for any electrical work over 50 volts so a 240 for the outlet would require one, so because a permit is needed they will also require saftey inspections to ensure the work was done properly. The main reason it is going to be expensive is cause I have a detached garage that is about 70 feet from the panel in my basement, so for them to trench the whole way would be a good amount of labor. Outlets are not hard to install and pulling the wire is easy as well so I think I will just do it myself and save some green... I guess I'm just cheap in some areas and more free in others!

Oh I just confirmed my S85 last night (Christmas Eve) and the delivery timeframe has it in April which is my birthday, so it's a combo present to cover two special occasions lol.

@nuts, code where i live is you have to have a separate breaker panel in detached garage so breaker is near load. Still only cost $500.

Huh. I wonder why my "rocket science" post disappeared? I guess people didn't like it and flagged it as inappropriate, eh? Sheesh.

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