Picture of Multicoat Red and Signature Red to compare at Supercharger

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I just picked up my Model S on Saturday, I love the Multicoat Red Color

Very Cool to See the difference

Which is which?

Signature red is on the left. Both are gorgeous.

The 'Sig red looks amazing. Very nice, I like! :-)

I am picking up my MC Red on Friday. I like the color, but I would have preferred the Signature red. I saw the MC red in a showroom and the sig red on the street, but never side by side. Thanks for the photo @flyingmansr22

Here's column sized:

Oops. need this code:

I saw the multi colored red at the show room in Santa Monica last week, and loved it! It has a lot more depth and sparkle than any picture gives it credit for. Great choice!

cool thanks, great to see into the future and see what our office parking will look like :)
(minus the superchargers that is)

I got my red Sunday afternoon......and WOW just begings to describe it. GREAT color worth the wait!

Where are the solar panels that power those superchargers? it looks like they are feeding off grid power in that picture

Note that not all superchargers have the solar city canopy for solar power, but all superchargers feed off grid power.

The solar panels just feed back into the grid.

Exactly. The balancing is network wide, and over the course of a whole year. Not site-by-site.

I just saw a multi-coat red one at the Bellevue show room today. It is much nicer than I thought it would be and is now my favorite but still slightly behind sig red.

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