Polarized Glasses

How is the LCD and dash with polarized sunglasses? Also, anybody use Transition Drivewear in the car?

Just curious as I'm ordering some new glasses.

I've had no issues with my polarized sunglasses during normal driving. I have noticed that if my head is tilted such as when I'm looking in the drivers window that the displays will disappear. I haven't had any issues while seated though.

My polarized prescription sunglass and have no problem at all. Touchscreen clear as a bell.

Seems to be fine. No problems reported or found.

That's great news as on BMW the HUD's would have issues with polarized in the past and I had to stop wearing polarized. Looking forward to going back to polarized.

i know! i constantly had my head tilted sideways in the bmw's! was very pleased to see tesla did its homework and the polarization of both screens is very sunglasses friendly.

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