Q4 6,900 Model S delivered. Up 20%! Update 2!

"The company is speaking at the Detroit Auto Show and telegraphing that deliveries were above estimates. It is also discussing growth plans for 2014.

Tesla’s deliveries were roughly 6,900 in the fourth quarter. This is roughly 20% more than the company’s guidance.Tesla also plans to double its sales and service locations in 2014. We have not yet heard about any 2014 guidance from the company."

"Tesla’s adjusted earnings report for 2013 is expected to be $0.58 per share, according to Thomson Reuters. The consensus revenue estimate is $2.35 billion. For 2014, those estimates are expected to rise to $1.50 per share on revenue of $3.17 billion."

Detroit Auto Show: News of Strong Tesla Deliveries in Driving Seat

Some of the points of interest discussed by Tesla execs at the show:

- 6,900 Tesla Model S sales in Q4, which is 20% above guidance
- Model S sales confirmed over 25,000 units globally
- Model S is exceptional in cold weather, which has led to higher than expected sales this winter.
- Tesla’s over-the-air updates improve safety, performance, etc.
- Growth…growth…growth coming in 2014.  Reckless growth.
- Tesla needs more employees urgently as it grows. 
- 80 Superchargers in operation today
- Model X being worked on feverishly right now.  Expected to debut in production form in California in the near future.
- Battery swapping options still being explored
- Superchargers coming to select areas of Canada soon
- Gen III will have “practical range,” won’t be restricted by range
- High hopes for sales in China

Tesla Motors has accomplished the impossible: a startup automaker gaining recognition and admiration from one of the Big Three.

As the Detroit Free Press put it: “The emergence of Tesla Motors as America’s fourth domestic automaker — a feat once viewed by the Detroit Three as practically implausible — poses a threat to the industry’s entrenched mind-set.”

With the addition of Tesla to the ranks of admired US automaker, we now have the Big Four.

The Detroit Free Press spoke with General Motors’ senior vice president of global product development, Mark Reuss, who remarked:

“I really, really believe that the world and the industry and America needs an Elon Musk.  I think it’s really, really healthy. I really admire the man for everything he’s accomplished with Tesla. He’s basically built a brand, which is very hard to do in a very mature industry. So that’s huge.”

Big Three Could Become Big Four as Tesla Motors Gains Recognition From General Motors

Elon Musk: "Some confusion in media reports today. No Tesla vehicles are being physically recalled by Tesla."

Elon Musk: ‘The Word ‘Recall’ Needs to Be Recalled’

RW Baird upgraded its rating on Tesla shares to Outperform from Neutral with a $187 price target on expectations the company's production is stronger than anticipated. Baird thinks Tesla's 2014 Model S delivery guidance could top expectations and believes the car maker is several years ahead of competitors in battery technology.

Tesla upgraded to Outperform with $187 price target at RW Baird

Elon Musk CNBC Interview (video)

Tesla to See `Reckless (Relentless) Growth' in 2014: Guillen (video)

With news that Tesla Motors sold 6,900 Model S sedans globally in Q4 of 2013, we can now piece together the 2013 sales puzzle.

Tesla’s Q3 financials confirmed 15,500 sales.  Now, with this Q4 statement of 6,900 added in, we can say that Model S sales in 2013 were approximately 22,400.

That’s a global sales figures, though the majority of those 22,400 sales were in the US.

The 6,900 units sold in Q4 were roughly 20% over what Tesla had expected.  Similarly, Tesla sold approximately 25% more Model S sedans in Q4 than it did in Q3.

Tesla Model S Sales Exceeded 22,000 Units Globally in 2013


That does not bode well for the Loaner program.

"demand is going down because registrations are down in california"

i would like someone to eat their words!

Most SC's sold out all their loaners right before New Year. TM needs to replenish the loaner / demo fleet so new buyers can snap them up faster than we can use them as loaners...

I agree about the loaner program. I think they pretty much sold all the loaners. I think they gave in to the demand in the US by selling the loaners and keeping the Europe growth going.

So much for demand in the US tapering as some have been speculating!!

This is a response from Jerome Guillen, Tesla's vice president of sales and service.

"What's in store for 2014? It's growth, growth and growth," he said. "On the sales and service side, it's reckless growth."

"Reckless growth" for 2014!!! How's that for a sound bite?

I thought I smelled burning shorts this morning...

Amazing! And exactly in accordance with "The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan"

@tes-s, so how's them apples?!?! so demand is down for the model s?

Ahem, shifting deliveries to international markets is not the same as lower demands in the US.

"I thought I smelled burning shorts this morning..."

The tsunami of hurt is coming but Elon forgot to warn the shorts ahead this time.

I think possibly the 1000 or so vehicles that were unaccounted for with VINs last qtr, were possibly en-route via ship and not counted as delivered in Q3... but were delivered in Q4. That pipeline is filled now and shouldn't affect future deliveries.

2013 will end great for Tesla & is well deserved. With the growth expected in 2014, the Model X, future announcement on Model E, supercharger build-out, etc. 2014 should be another great year for Tesla Motors!

time to put in order for model x, wish they come out with a bigger battery though... the current 85kw is just enough for 99% of the time, but would like a little more cushion.

While I am happy about the news, does this thread not belong in the Tesla "General" forum ?

Wow, that's great news: "almost 6,900 Model S deliveries in Q4 of 2013". I wasn't expecting to hear this today. But hey, good news is always welcome. By the way, that makes the total for 2013: 4,950 + 5,150 + 5,500 + 6,900 = 22,500 !!!!

I just received this by email:
Tesla Revenue Expected to Exceed Guidance by 20% in Fourth Quarter

Sales Driven by Superlative Safety Record and Excellent Cold Weather Performance

PALO ALTO, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 01/14/14 -- Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) sales in the fourth quarter of 2013 were the highest in company history by a significant margin. With almost 6,900 vehicles sold and delivered, Tesla exceeded prior guidance by approximately 20%. A higher than expected number of cars was manufactured as a result of an excellent effort by the Tesla production team and key suppliers, particularly Panasonic.

The last sentence is very important. It's very likely that Panasonic has started to deliver the 18650 battery cells in higher quantities then they did before. And 2014 has just started. We have a great year ahead of us.

> Gen III will have “practical range,” won’t be restricted by range

Hrmmm... wonder what TM has up their sleeves with this statement?

It's soooo great to be part of a revolution!

Che G.

Elon's strategy of "promise low but deliver high" works again. Good job, Elon and Tesla! TSLA longs grin and shorts eat the s**ts!

Yes Elon is almost as good as Jobs in this regard. Give a good but not too great prediction and beat it handily every quarter.

--Gen III will have “practical range,” won’t be restricted by range

Sounds like they will design Gen III to be able to reach the typical Supercharger interval, perhaps with an extra 50 miles of range to spare for hills or cold weather.

Poor lorenfb, SMinnihan, Tes-s, and all of the other trolls...

Wow! That's just awesome. If things work out well in China, and battery production ramps up as Elon said it will, we're in for a wild ride :) Short term fluctuations don't really matter to me since I'm in long like BradSLee, but it sure is nice to make some of that digital money back!

+21.91 (15.72%)

Update 2

@AmpedR, me thinks tes-s is not a troll, just misunderstood some verbiage and overestimated his/hers calculations. The others... :-P

Actually it was 6,900.

Please adjust your title.

Model E practical range will be 265 or more. Giga factory scale, as well as chemistry and 18650 form factor modifications in addition to power electronics efficiencies (among other modifications) will make this possible by 2017 IMO...

mclary, Actually 6,900 is almost 7,000 but title changed nonetheless. (Actually title changed because I couldn't stand another flag from you, or Captain_Zap or Dane) GO T!

Mathew98, reckless was meant to be relentless as cleared up by Jerome later.

Yes, it's better not to relent than not to reck(on).

The pipeline may be filled, but may need to fatten. Also there is an Asia pipeline to build and fill. One fortunate aspect of Calif. siting is access to the Pacific without crossing the continent and/or needing to transit Panama.

So I expect more "goods in transit" to add to the discrepancy between production an sales, for some time. Note that widened or expanded pipelines will result from the MX intro, too. Then again for GenIII.

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