Regenerative braking needs subtle warning

I took delivery of my 60KW S today. Love it. The regenerative braking fits my driving style but I need to be aware of traffic behind me since the brake lights do not turn on when I lift off the accelerator. This might cause a rear end collision if the person behind me is tailgating. Maybe adding some subtle warning like a short flashing yellow from the LED brake light bar would be good.

The brake lights do go on when the car slows sufficiently from regen.

Your brake lights come on when you decelerate. Your animated car image on the center screen will reflect when your brake lights are on.

Why do so many people just assume they don't come on?

There are more and more new people getting cars and they are going through the same learning curve the veterans did.

Well I'll be darn. Even though the owner's manual doesn't mention it, brake lights do come on, and the car on the charge settings screen does indeed show the brake lights lit when they are being applied.


Your welcome-- you will enjoy!

When I first got my car I was worried about the same thing since the vehicles behind me would close in while I was decelerating. Now I am convince they are just puzzling over what the heck is in front of them and don't notice the brake lights. Maybe a larger logo on the back of the car might keep them at a safer distance.

Once you've slowed, they probably assume it's safe to follow more closely.

The rear camera shows the brake lights and turn signals at night, especially when driving on concrete road surfaces.

Having driven a Roadster for three years I can tell you that people zoom up behind you to find out what you are, or to get a closer look, and then back off. Happens all the time. If you think it's bothersome in a Model S, think how terrifying it can be in a Roadster when an Escalante gets on your bumper!

Or a ramshackle raised pick-up!

@JaneW - Escalante? Would that be the city in Utah, the National Monument, or the deceased Bolivian actor? ;-)

Perhaps you meant Escalade?

Gotta love autofill on our mobile devices! Hahaha!


By Escalante, I'm pretty sure she meant the Canyonero:

Oog. Not one of his better efforts.

An indicator on the dash as an option would nice. In an ice you know exactly when the break lights are on. In MS it happens by breaks and by computer. It is always nice to know when.

I’ve notice on my Model S when the regen is set to low the brake lights do not come on. The MS will act just like a regular car that give you engine braking when you let off the throttle. Also in the regen low setting you do not feel your body going forward once you let off the throttle, so no brake lights.

In the standard regen setting (which I use all the time) the brake lights will come on once you feel your body going forward. I think TM did a good job on both settings. I would like one higher setting that you could use when you have a heavy foot.

Isn't Escalante the guy who chooses the coffee for Savarin?

I'd like to have "break" lights in the office, but I think "brake" lights are better on cars.

Dick B;
Apparently there is no heavier setting possible. 60kW regen is all she wrote. Feels heavier in the Roadster because it's lighter.

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