Sales Tax break under attack by local TV station.

On Tuesday May 7th at 5pm on KIRO channel 7 there will be an "Investigative Report" that takes shots at Tesla and Sales Tax breaks "for rich people". Governor Inslee will be questioned on the issue.


It's frustrating to see how our local governments are influenced by an "entitlement seeking" voter base. I haven't seen the "news" report yet, but anticipate a lot of interviews with people who don't have a mature, well rounded perspective.

Like many previous products, the Model S is a revolutionary forerunner concept. Remember when a 42" plasma TV was $25,000? An LED wristwatch (circa 1976) was $500? Only wealthy people could afford to fly? Only cars such as Lincolns and Cadillacs had power windows and air conditioning?

Fortunately for everyone, there were people with vision to support the evolutionary/revolutionary concepts. All of the concepts had government backing in one form or another.

Using the term "rich people" is overly simplistic. It's frustrating to see that phrase applied to people who purchase a Model S. Yes, the car is expensive. Yes, some wealthy people are purchasing one.

But not everyone who purchases a Model S is "rich". I'm not. I've been saving for such a purchase for decades while I drove very economical cars. Other people invested in a good education and worked hard so they could obtain a career that pays well. Others simply worked hard and saved while doing the work others felt was beneath them. People such as plumbers, landscapers, and garbage haulers can make good wages. Being a white-collar worker is not a prerequisite to owning a Model S. The prerequisite for most people is long, hard work over an extended period of time. An average 20-something probably hasn't earned the priviledge to purchase a Model S. Having nice things is not a right.

But that's not why many people can't afford a Model S. The real reason is priorities, both personal and national. Many people spend too much on "luxuries" they can't afford instead of spending less, saving more, using good judgement, making good decisions, planning for their future, and managing life's risks. Go into almost any "low income" home and you'll find things such as cell phones, iPads and tablets, smart phones, expensive cable channels, Nike Jordans, and flatscreen TVs.

Sadly, some people think "affording" these things is based on their abilty to pay the minimum payment on a credit card with a high interest rate.

They consider themselves "victims" of society.

That's not how to build wealth.

(Yes, I'll probably regret writing this. But someone needed to do it.)

Here is a thread at TMC about the KIRO feature. They approached Tesla owners on the premise that they were going to do a report on the new EV tab tax.

I was pleasantly surprised by Gov. Inslee's statements...

I wonder if big oil and KIRO are bedfellows?
They end up looking pretty silly especially
after Gov Inslee's statement.

Must have been a slow new day at KIRO....chumps!

That's what I wanted to say but couldn't find the words! Well done!

Inslee did defend the sales tax breaks as vital for future air quality etc.

The real savings is in water quality management (catch basins & oil/water separation), land remediation and disposal projects. We have picked up the tab for cleaning up after the oil industry for a long time.

Also, motor oil is really hard on asphalt.

Thanks @eAdopter. You need not regret stating the truth. I am also someone who is not rich who saved for years to make this very personal purchase. I am an environmentalist committed to doing something about climate change, and my wife and I downsized last year to a smaller, solar panel/heat pump equipped house. The Tesla Model-S was just another positive step in out sustainability commitment. I feel that Model-S owners are leading a revolution to a more sustainable, less impacting means of transportation, and am proud to be one of the early adopters of this exciting technology.

I hope to chat with you some time. While I can't call myself an environmentalist, I hold many of your ideas in high regard. I'd enjoy an opportunity to learn more about how you made those transitions, and moved toward a more sustainable lifestyle. I hope to someday build a smaller home and equip it with things such as solar and geothermal energy sources. Last year I visited a new condo community in Issaquah that had all of those things and net-zero energy consumption. I was very impressed. I'm absolutely amazed that people still build anything else when so much technology and opportunity are available today.

I'll be driving a green Model S around Bellevue beginning in June.
(olanmills and Foxy Momma also have green cars)
I hope to see you around and best regards!

Thanks eAdopter and Tesla-David!
I echo your comments. I was pretty upset by the Kiro report and appreciate you view. I don't fall into their category. I am not rich, but one thing my parents taught me at a very young age is that if you can't afford something, don't get it. And if you really want something you can't afford, save up for it. I live in a middle/lower income neighborhood and have done without a lot over my lifetime to wait/save for things that have value to me. It was a little hard writing that check to Tesla, but boy... I have not regretted it. It was all that I wanted in an EV and more, plus feeling like I'm encouraging further EV innovations. Its also nice to see an USA company striving to do things well. They definitely aren't getting everything right the first time (and they have been minor), but that is expected.
As mad as I was with this report, it was nice to be ecstatic again a few days later when the consumer reports information was released on the MS.
I'm a very happy driver (and happy saver)

Welcome and thank you for the insights.
Where in WA do you live? What color is your car?

I live just outside of downtown Seattle. My MS is black.

Thanks @eAdopter & @PattiT. I hope to see you around as well. I have a Pearl White MS. I would be happy to talk to you about sustainable living. We are eight months into our solar energy experience, and have thoroughly enjoyed the information we have gathered. Solar energy generation is actually quite good in the northwest, and my goal is to be net zero for the year, overproducing during the spring/summer/fall to cover the underproduction during the winter. Right now we are producing 300% more than we are using in our all electric home. I am adding another 3 KW of solar panels (14 panels x 240 W/panel) which will boost my solar installation up to 13 KW. The extra panesl are necessary to cover the charging needs for our Tesla. My average energy use for my 35 mile commute to work is around 10 kw/day. Washington State has excellent incentives for solar energy. If you buy panels produced in Washington State (my ITEK panels were produced in Bellingham) you can sell every killawatt produced back to the grid for $0.54/kw and then buy what you need for $0.08/kw. The net difference means I will get a check from Snohomish PUD for up to $5,000 every year, which helps to pay off the cost for the system. With the tax breaks, my system will be paid off between 6-7 years. We are fortunate to live in a state where net electricity costs are so low, and to have a governor who is so supportive of moving us away from dirty energy to clean, renewable energy, and EVs.

Thank you for the information. I'm very interestd in learning more about how you implemented solar at home. Would you be open to getting together one Saturday this summer, possibly in mid-June, late-July, or August?

@eAdopter. Certainly. Late July or August may be better as I will be traveling in June, which may complicate that time period. Just let me know and we can set something up. I live in south Edmonds, near Lake Ballinger. If you want to come here I can give you a hands on tour.

Thank you. That's very generous.

I'm also traveling a bit this summer. June and July will be challenging. It sounds like August will be much better for both of us.

My teslamotorsclub account is also eAdopter. Please send me a Private Message via that site and then we can get in touch via e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you. And thanks again.

@eAdopter and @Tesla-David

I'd like to get in on the action and have a look at the PV setup. I've contemplated it in the past but never got past the cursory research. I'd love to get your take on PV installation and efficiency. I'm in Ballard and around all summer. gt1485a at

Since you've courageously posted your e-mail, I'll send you a message so we can connect. If you wouldn't mind, can Tesla-David do the same and you can be our initial communication hub?

Sure. I figured it's an owners thread and it's slightly obfuscated...

@eAdopter and @gt1485a. You can contact me by email @

I sent you an e-mail with additional information. Thanks again.

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