Sunroof Issues

I received my car 4 weeks ago, and the Sunroof broke on the second day I had it. A bracket in the sunroon broke, and the sunroof collapsed on one side. Tesla has been out twice to try to fix it and now they are going to have to ship my car to Austin to get fixed (I am located in Houston). In addition, I have the panoramic roof and the sunroof scratched the glass either when they were trying to fix it or when it was sliding back broken on my car.

It is very clear to me that Tesla is moving to damn fast. While I admit I wanted my car ASAP, I am not happy with the resulting service response or ability. I now have to get the bracket replaced and the window in the back of my roof, so at some point in the future (which will probably be another few weeks) they will come pick up my car and give me an Enterprise rental car. I am passed the point of frustration now, especially bacuease I don't have any single person at Tesla responsible for my account or this issue. I have heard there are several others with this same problem, so I wish you good luck.

Sorry to hear that Randy.

Bummer Randy. Please keep us posted.

You have a Sunroof and a panoramic roof? How does that work?


Brian, I think you are generally okay, but don;t be an idiot. The panoramic roof is the entire thing. The sunrooof is the portion that moves. Do you have to denegrate everyone? Lets keep the insults directed at nn...

that's "let's", before you correct my English

" and the Sunroof broke on the second day ... In addition, I have the panoramic roof"

Sit on it. He clearly indicates separate objects, which is nonsense. Possibly confabulatory.

Brian, anyone who has the car with the panoramic roof understood perfectly well what Randy meant. Sometimes you really take it way too far.

Brain H

Will you stop beening a jerk. Everybody understands what he meant. But you always looking to be smart. Anybody who insult another person is way not smart but immature. PD that goes for you too.

I'm with Brian, if people are mislabeling things, it'll leed to more confusion than we need.

I'd actually like OP to clarify his post rather than ASSUMING we know what precisely he's talking about.

Today when I tried to open my panoramic roof, the slider bar kept returning the slider back to the 19% mark. For instance, if I move the slider bar to the 75% mark, the slider bar would immediately reset it back to 19% (sometime 21%) as soon as I release my finger from the slider bar. And the roof will only open slightly to match the 19%. Is this a mechanical issue or software bug? I tried rebooting and it still fails. It was working fine yesterday.

Sidney...That is what mine did as well. Get out of your car when it is opening and see if it is tilted. If so, your bracket may be broken as well. DO NOT keep trying to open it if this is the case as you will cause more damage to the panoramic roof and you will scratch the glass. you should call a tech ASAP to fix, and I hope your outcome is better than mine.

Thanks, Randy. I setup an appt for tomorrow.

This issue makes me really nervous, as my car will be outside in the elements...and Vermont gets a lot of rain....

Got mine fixed today! They said it was an alignment issue.

I just picked up my car today and noticed that when I open the pano roof to >70%, at speeds above 50mph, the moveable portion of the roof starts to shake violently. If I close it to <70% or so, then the shaking stops. Only thing I haven't tried is opening any door windows with pano roof open >70% moving at >50mph.

Any thoughts?

Um, ya. Get it serviced.

Obviously, what he meant was, "...Tesla has been out twice to try to fix it and now they are going to have to ship my car to Austin to get fixed (I am located in Houston). [FURTHERMORE], I have the panoramic roof and the sunroof scratched the glass either when …"

Brian H: You are infantile. Anyone who can read at the middle school level could figure this out. Go find someone to bully in the real world instead of on a Tesla forum. Oh wait…you are probably so weak and pathetic that this is the only place anyone will listen to your inane comments. How pathetic that you spend your days insulting people on a car forum. This guy has every right to post about a problem with the car.

Picked up model s two weeks ago. Sunroof working fine but noticed today when I was cleaning that the glass is scratched on both sides indicated friction when it opens. Damage is pretty significant. Taking car in this week.

My roof was stuck at 20 it went out of alignment just gave it into Davie, FL shop I was thinking it was an early issues with manufacturing since they had not seen this issue before...I have an early Signature but it looks like been an issue

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