My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations in the Northeast AS WELL AS TO offer encouragement to Tesla to remedy the dearth of SuperChargers in the region. This is a huge and relatively compact market for Tesla: the population of the Northeast is 56 million, 18% of the total USA. Yet, the population centers of Boston, Hartford, and Philadelphia are inadequately connected -- and links to Montreal and Toronto are completely missing.

Just 4 new superchargers will do this:

Sturbridge, MA (should be a no-brainer)
Edison, NJ (which is underway)
Albany, NY (who knows what is going on there)
Canandaigua, NY (midway between Albany and Toronto) (This would also serve Buffalo and Rochester)

High payoff for 4 new SuperChargers (one of which is underway, so really 3). How 'bout it, Tesla?

UPDATE: 07/17/2014: if you add the population of Quebec and Ontario, this area is home to 77 million people. But much of the area remains WAY under served. Grateful for Tesla Motors recent post that the Quebec to Toronto corrodor is scheduled for Superchargers but this needs to be connected to the 95 corridor. When complete, a potential market of 77 million people will have access.

That was supposed to read West Lebanon/White River Junction, not "and/or". IT's essentially the same place.

White River Junction should do it, right? You should be able to get to Stowe or Sugarbush and back (about 160 miles?); even modest charging capability at your overnight accommodations / ski area would help a lot.

It's closer to 200 miles one way to Sugarbush/Stowe area from Boston. Hooksett would be good for getting up into the White Mountains in NH as well. Also, if you're coming from anywhere south of Boston or from the Cape, Hooksett would be a great stop for heading to VT or NH, too. And, it's about 130+ miles from Hooksett to Sugarbush. Without a doubt both are needed.

HPWCs at destinations! IIRC, TM will donate 2 if 2 are installed.

I have written letters to Sugarbush and approached them in person about installing charging stations in their lots. It was a very foreign idea to the folks I have connected with.

Of course, if I owned a place up there I could install a charger at my house and all would be well. That's just not the case, though.

Yes, 200 miles from Boston, but just 160 miles round trip from White River Junction to Sugarbush. So that one supercharger would work for skiing at Sugarbush or Stowe from Boston area - even in very cold weather.

It does make the trip longer though - would you spend the extra 45 minutes each way rather than take an ICE?

We typically stop there for dinner anyhow, so yes I'd drive the Tesla. Still need one in Southern NH as well for those coming up from the south shore and/or those that head to Loon/Waterville and the White Mountain area.

Yes - Sturbridge/Auburn MA, White River Junction VT, Springfield MA, Portsmouth NH, Bangor ME.

After that fill in with Concord NH and Augusta ME.

New England would be looking pretty good!

(LMB spouse)

Albany is reported to be live tonight.

@LMB spouse: Great news about Albany if true!

Sure is quiet in the Northeast... I did hear from the Tesla team In Eastern LI 2 weeks ago. Apparently a number of HPWCs are envisioned in and around Southampton. Possibly one behind the Southampton Inn on Hill Street. Details to follow.

Southampton? Great, another supercharger for a location which is already round-trip enabled with an existing supercharger.

But a good location for visibility to a lot of rich people.

Perhaps an indication that the sales and marketing has wrestled the company away from the engineers?

@tes-s ++ said HPWC not Superchargers.

If I were the owner or manager of the Southampton Inn I would put in 4 HPWC and expect to recover the investment easily in one season.

@Eknight47: Who did you appeal to at Sugarbush? I can pass the name along to Ciaran at Tesla for follow-up.

Ciaran has already reached out to Gerry Tschinkel ( at Hunter to push a possible HPWC. If any others here ski at Hunter, please drop Gerry a note to let him know there is deman.

Off season is a great time to push for this. We will be thankful come December.

Upstate/Central New York.....needs a supercharger. Binghamton would open the pathway to Syracuse, Ithaca, Rochester. Please!!

Though I created a seperate thread about this, there is a SC under construction in Sagamore MA. It is right where RT3 and 6 meet up, essentially at the foot of the Sagamore bridge.

Paramus and Edison are nice, and so is Sagamore. The more the better.

But none enable major routes.

If you draw a line from Cleveland to NY to Boston, everything north and east is a supercharger wasteland, with the exception of Albany.

I guess they are trying to keep demand down until they catch up with production.

@tes-s: North and West, you mean. North Country and NW NY and PA. Lots of nice roads up there to drive our cars in. Could even connect Canada, too. Looks like it ain't happening this summer.

Hope things improve in time for ski season...


"Though I created a seperate thread about this, there is a SC under construction in Sagamore MA. It is right where RT3 and 6 meet up, essentially at the foot of the Sagamore bridge."

I took a drive last Friday thru Sagamore from Cape Cod to Waterville Valley, NH. Stopped in Sagamore at the Park and Ride, the visitor center, Dunkies, Friendlies, Shell, Mikey D's, and the Pink Coffee Shop, etc. Some thought they heard of it, but had no info. The ground has not been broken as far as I can tell. I will cruze by once a month until I see something going on and report back. Glad to see it, however, Southern New Hampshire is a much more pressing need for me. Just nothing up there. I may have to put in solar and roll my own. Thats an expensive option ($30K?)to get free electricity.

Sin Gas

I've posted before... but I am still anxiously awaiting the ability to get to Portland, ME and further into the ME wilderness. Everyone has mentioned Sturbridge and I'll throw my hat into that ring (again). I would also like one near the jct of 495 and 95 near the NH border. And if I went to Montreal, something near Plattsburgh would work perfectly now that Albany is live.

Thank you!

I have the impression that the Northeast back country is NOT a priority right now. At least the beaches and the shores are covered.

The Syracuse SC is on the 2014 list -- I hope it appears in time for ..... college drop off.

The middle child going to one of the schools in the area so a charger in Syracuse would work (at least for me). Otherwise it is off to a RV park with no dual charging.

There are twice as many Superchargers under construction today than there were in existence worldwide a year ago. 114 have been built worldwide since July 1, 2013. I am impressed.

     June 26, 2013 -- 11
     June 21, 2014 -- 98

Gene - you are right - Binghamton is needed badly! And not just for those who want to get to beautiful upstate NY....also for those of us who live in beautiful upstate NY and need to go South .

Upstate New York. Vermont. New Hampshire. Maine.

The next two for the Northeast should be Plattsburgh, NY and Canandaigua, NY (or somewhere thereabouts). That would open up huge swathes of North Country and connect Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, and Rochester to NYC and Boston. That's a lot of territory for 2 superchargers.

Next should be White River Junction, VT which would solidify Montreal-Boston (and open up VT and NH) and Harrisburg, PA to connect Pittsburgh to Philly, NYC, and points North.

Concord NH, Portsmouth NH, Bangor ME, Burlington VT, ...

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