Tax credit for home charging station

Was looking at charge point web site and this caught my attention. EV tax credit section for alternative fuel vehicle refueling property. Basically states that with the fiscal cliff deal a $1000.00 tax credit per site for personal use. Seems like this also applies to 2012. Has anybody else heard of this or planning to use IRS form 8911.

The credit is 30% of what you spend, limited to a spend of $1,000. So, if you spend $1,000 or more, the credit would be $300. If you spend $500, the credit would be $150. The credit is allowable for amounts spent in 2012 and 2013.

Not sure, but I believe that, unlike the $7500 EV credit, this one cannot be claimed against the AMT.

Just to clarify, state tax rebate is state specific correct?

Robert22 - yes, I'm in Washington and we don't have a state tax rebate. We do have a sales tax exemption, however.

I'm in MA. Unfortunately, we ain't got bupkis.

That's because you have Boston, AKA Big Bupkis.

Actually the home installation credit is limited to $1,000, not $300. So if the install cost is more than $3,333 you get the maximum $1,000 credit.

I see now. You are correct.

I just came across this thread. A couple of questions:

1) Does this apply if I install a 240v outlet in my garage?
2) If so, does this credit apply on top of the $7500 federal tax credit?

1. Yes, it is a dedicated EV charging station
2. Yes, that's what my accountant did (they are seperate tax credits)

Is this a Federal tax credit or a State tax credit? Does the credit for a 240-volt garage outlet apply in Florida, where there is no State income tax?

Federal. But I believe if you fall under AMT, it's not allowed.

Additionally, the State of Arizona offers a $75 tax credit for installing an EV charging outlet at your home.

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