Tesla Model S reservation resale


I reservered my Tesla Model S (general production version) in June 2010. Due to changed family circumstances I'm currently considering to pass on this reservation to Tesla enthusiasts looking to get their hands on their Tesla earlier than expected.

Would anyone be interested?

It's now been a month since I first contacted Tesla and only now (after a second reminder) I received the following response today:

Dear Pärtel,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We are dealing with your request and we will be in touch with you shortly.


Anyone with a Signature Number below 500 that needs a little more time?
I have a couple of reservations for Model S running. My first one is S 1118 (and some Ps) and I'd be more that happy to swap to an earlier number. If so, drop me a note at Thanks!

How many total have you reserved? Why so many?

I am heading a company for future research in Europe and the US. Our partners need to drive the most future-minded car there is.

LarsT, are you looking for a deal on US reservations only, or are you looking for European reservations as well? I am very much looking forward to taking delivery of my Model S EU #P3 in Germany in early 2013. However, if we can agree on a deal that substantially helps me financing my own Model S, I might be willing to get back to the end of the queue. You can contact me by way of private message over at TMC (same nickname).

Sorry to everyone for my last post. I missed the fact the Lars was providing his email address above. I should have contacted him directly instead of bothering the public with my comment.

Pretty frustrated, market conditions mean I might not be able to take delivery of my Model S. So I feel the Original posters pain.

I put a deposit in a few months ago so my wait time is about 6 months.

Annoyed particularly, that I will lose the discount I got for making the reservation before the price increase. It would ahve saved me about $1500.

And reservation # in the 13,000 range it is killing me! But oh well.

You are placing a reservation over the Internet for an American product. US law applies. Can't transfer even if you live overseas.

Also, if you think Tesla's making money off your reservation, get a refund. Demand your money back. It's 100% refundable at any time before you lock in your options. After you lock in, the money becomes a non-refundable deposit.

Let me restate, reservation payment is to reserve a place in line. 100% refundable at any time. Tesla is very up front about this. If don't like the fact you don't get interest on your money, don't make a reservation. Once you config and agree to have the car made, you will not get your reservation payment back. That money will be applied to the purchase price when you make your final payment.


Is it really 100% refundable now? When I reserved in 2009, it was 95% refundable (i.e., everything but $50). Of course they sent me a T-shirt, a mug, a hat, and a remote-control Roadster worth more than $50. Now they could take it all away because, like the Cheshire cat, I will still have the grin.

@DouglasR -- ha! Wish I could get a remote-control Roadster!

@DouglasR, yes, the deposit is 100% refundable until you are invited to configure your car. At that point you will e-sign a document acknowledging that you are actaully ordering the car that you want to buy and that the deposit is now non-refundable.

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