Tesla Model S VS Bmw M5

Hello . Just made this video edition of a Model S vs a BMW m5, thxs to the

i think its interesting

Cool to see the S do so well against the M5. I can't quite tell if everything is the same (i.e. temp, tracks, drivers, stock tires, etc.). Is it?

the drivers are the same ... the track and company that does the time are also the same... the rest i dont know, but for me the conclusion is obviously, even if it is 3-3 result.

Thans - looks like a fair test.

Checked the pricing - with executive options package (similar to MS Performance) the 2013 M5 MSRP is $95K + $1300 Gas Guzzler Tax + $900 destination.

Has a few options not on MS, but MS has a few options not on M5. The M5 also has plenty of additional options (for more $$$). Anyway, they are fairly matched from a cost standpoint.

I'd take the MS over the M5 any day.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing and thanks for putting it together.


No problem , has a future owner my self i like to know this things...

Watch the body roll on the two cars. The video confirms what my butt tells me. MS pushes through the contact patch while the M5 rolls it over. This probably explains why MS is faster in the slalom while the M5 pulls more G on the skid pad.

the MS does 66.8 mph in the Slalon, and the M5 does 68.9

more 2mph for the BMW...guesing that will reflect in an track race, and will give the advantage to the M5 for about 3 sec +-

BMW M5 cost about 4x TMS in Norway due to taxes.

You have to pay apx. 400k$ for the M5 in Norway.

here in portugal the M5 is 137.650 euros, with no extras .

Vs the 95000€ the Model S Performance will +- cost in europe....hmmmmm what will i pick?

That is a lot of tax for a M5. How does the tax system work for cars in Norway? What does upper middle class drive? Rich people?

I also kike to know that


I was surprised that the "S" brakes from 60-0 outperformed the M5.

@petero - me too until I thought about weight transfer.

The model s would appear to be able to use its rear brakes more than other vehicles - and has larger rear disks because of it. My guess is that the low COG and suspension design are coming into play here.

in speeds tracks, or curves, that goes from 30 to 70 mph +- i think the MS will never give a chance to the M5

Above that speed , is when we see the BMW take advantage

M5 has 265mm width (front) and 295mm (rear) tyres. MS has 245mm tyres (front and rear).
I suppose that makes a difference.

Regen has a huge amount to do with braking, two braking systems essentially at work in Model S.

Regen does not increase the amount of grip available at the rear wheels. Weight transfer does.

Regen works only on rears; braking adds front drag.

Great job...consider adding this to your video:

Riceuguy. Thxs for the tip, but its couse off that video , and the coments in that video, that i made video i shud have put, is this one:

CAnt find a m5 doing a beter time then that

Any one?

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