Tesla Model ST Concept (but not from Tesla)

Sorry if this was posted before, but I don't remember seeing it. The folks at theophiluschin have brushed up a beautiful Model S wagon concept, that was picked up a couple of days ago on Digital Trends. Very impressive, IMHO.

Looks like it would be very popular in Europe.

Looks like my Model S needs to hit the gym, it's butt got big!

I have zero interest in this car, but that's some darn good Photoshopping, I'll give them that.

I think it'd be an interesting option for some larger families but I wouldn't ask Tesla to focus on this before the numerous other scalability items and logistics they've got to nail for the non-early-adopter populace.

Can't see why Tesla would be interested in cannibalizing Model X sales with this?

I agree, nice Photoshop work.

But as Elon has said, (paraphrase), it's not about design; it's about new engineering.

And I agree, the wagon concept was created to allow more interior cargo space -- which is clearly not a concern with Tesla's Model S or Model X in the foreseeable future.

Per the Digital Trends post (and being a Brit myself I agree, albeit an Americanized one) this car could well suit the European market. The minivan/soccer-mom phenomenon never really happened in Europe; neither did monster SUVs. So something that bridges the two isn't as logical over there as it is here (US). In Europe there's plenty of Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Porsche Cayennes, VW Touregs, Lexus RX, etc., but HUGE numbers of wagons.

Anyway, kind of a moot discussion as this car is a flight of fancy.

I would buy this over the Model X in a second.

@AaronX +1

If Tesla made this car, this is the model I would buy. The Model S has great cargo space, but it`s not as practical as a station wagon.

I would even trade in my Model S Signature for this awesome station wagon. If TM should build it, I'd like to be reservation # S1. Please charge my credit card.

Count me in! It is the perfect replacement for our BMW 535ix. 4-Wheel drive I assume.

I think the Model S Plattform is very flexible and will allow for station wagon, gran tourismo/grancoupe (like BMW 6 series 4 door), cabrio (like BMW 6 series), etc.

I think derivates like mentioned above would not canibalize X sales too badly. I personally think a Tesla station wagon or grancoupe would resonate with a lot of wealthy buyers

Person buying that instead of X would be still giving his money to Tesla, so I don't really think Tesla would mind if there are people changing their minds about which Tesla car they buy as long as they buy from similar category (and price point).

Considering that mostly that would be just couple of different body panels, and teeny bit different interior and couple of extra windows it would be pretty much just as difficult/easy to make as Model S, perhaps even could be build in same factory line.

I think this is preferable to the Model X. This car would probably have greater range given it's lighter weight. And this car would have MORE than enough room if the Model S is any guide!

This is the advantage of the skateboard chassis. Poof! Its a two seat hardtop convertible. Now a van. Now a wagon.

This would get rid of the head clearance issue for the passengers in the back seat. Judging by the numbers of 5 series wagons and A6 Avants, this would be a popular option in europe.

This car I would buy in a flash...The problem with headroom in the backseat will also
disappear. It would become a more practical car and it's still great looking...Elon!!! If you
want this car to be the number one car in Norway you'd better start making it tomorrow..

Don't forget it will make the car longer too! The length & width of the Model S already makes it park like a Ford Explorer (minus the height):

The MS barely fits (lengthwise), not sure if a wagon MS would fit in my garage.

One good point, also has lots of potential for rack space on the roof for the canoes, bikes, skis etc. From what I read, lots of people would buy it just for the rack space, if Tesla would build it.

I would take an AWD version of a wagon over the X without question.

It would be a perfect replacement for my 25 years old Volvo 760 GLE
Estate. Best with AWD.Great for european customers.
Count me in too!

And with my MS Sig.Perf.EU 62,I am eagerly waiting for,it would make a perfect team.
Thank you Elon Musk and Thanks to the whole Tesla Team for great work for better air to breath!!!

Absolutely no interest. Why ruin a really nice design for some extra space, that I would never need.

This Tesla station wagon variant is better looking, and more practical than the Model S and the Model X, in my opinion.

By the way, how can I insert a photo/picture in a post? Can somebody tell me that please?

Host the file on flickr, imageshack, etc, grab the URL that looks like <img=... or <a href=... and paste it in.

should be <img src=...

Love it! Wagon is by far my favorite vehicle form factor. Allows for nearly as much space as an SUV in a relatively compact and efficient package. This rendering looks beautiful. Prefer it to the Model S.

This station wagon, with a 85 kWh battery pack, AWD, a huge panoramic glass roof, with a few extra options, that would be just great.

Why not 2 pano roofs? Go for broke!

Only one will do just fine.

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