Tesla needs to stay ahead of labor issue curve...

Facebook, Yahoo!, Salesforce, AT&T, Safeway, Recology, Kaiser, Sutter Health, B of A, Citibank, SF BMW, and Wells Fargo...these are a few of corporations that floated in the Gay Pride Parade yesterday in San Francisco. I'm a straight guy, my wife and I a straight couple, but it was a no brainer for us to do drive from Stockton to SF to celebrate what was obviously a long hard fought social struggle to marriage equality. This parade didn't celebrate LGBT deviancy, but rather welcomed millions of marginalized folks into normal society and acceptance. Politicians and community groups of all sorts--mainstream religions the notable exception--had no trouble recognizing the powerful political opportunity here. But, it seems that maybe Tesla didn't get it. I was disappointed to see San Francisco BMW furnishing most of the cars for dignitaries. Antique and muscle cars were important. Tesla doesn't make a convertible for a politician to wave back at the crowd, but a whole entourage of many colored Tesla roadsters and S Model owners could have joined the parade. Even better, Solarcity and Tesla could have worked together to tie individual pride to progress in energy consumption. After a motorcade of Tesla cars, a float with solar panels powering the vehicle and a loud jamming music system through the parade route (battery back up could help) would wow the audience. A million people would have seen a vehicle many have never seen before and think more deeply about the power of solar and electricity...

I think it would be a good idea to consider in the near to medium term future, especially as interviews start to lose their effect. Maybe more appropriate when the car for the masses is released, though, in about 3-4 years.

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