They wouldn't stop until they found a sedan quicker than the Model S!

Not completely true. The MB is a nuked-up AMGRENNtech E63 AMG. If this is what it takes for (slightly) quickly performance, the Model S (and Tesla) still wins in my book.

Does anyone remember who won the race between the steam locomotive (Tom Thumb engine) and the horse?

Like now, it was a race between the old and the new.. But the real race is being held elsewhere..

@ ziggy

The Horse, The Steam Engine threw a belt and lost power. But it led to that point though lol!!

Funny factoid about horse-power. James Watt, desiring to sell his rigs to mine owners, set his "one horse-power" measure to do about twice as much work as a real pit pony/horse could manage. The mine owners, thinking they were pulling a fast one on him by getting that extra power, were ready customers ... ;)

Or so I hear.

Good story Brian H, an historic example under promise and over deliver!

These examples of racing ICE cars and beating them (mostly) will stick in peoples minds. I know it did for me, I was tired of the hype of EV under delivery of my expectations. They (non Tesla EV) tried to just lecture me on why I should pay them more for less.

Like James Watt, Elon is playing it just so right..

I crossed paths with an E63 on the way home. Had to work our way around traffic on the freeway, he was in front of me, once he got in the clear he downshifted and gunned it. Took me a second to make my way around other cars, at which point I floored it. He was already about 100 feet in front of me, was probably in his peak torque band, and I was never able to close the gap on him. He was slightly pulling away when I decided I was going as fast as I was comfortable with and slowed down. I have a P85 and have had encounters with a C06 and M5, but the E63 was definitely in a higher league.

I looked up the MB AMG series, and here's a taste:

Not sure what your point is, unless you are trying to get people more interested in MB offerings.

There are a number of cars that have more horsepower, which is going to make them faster once you are above the speed where traction is limiting acceleration. So what.

- I can't drive over 100mph without getting arrested or killed.
- Off the line, Tesla is nearly impossible to beat because it just goes with no special mode, and the torque continues to pull while regular cars lose time for shifting.
- Short bursts like 40-65mph when freeway merging are just amazing because there is no pause to downshift.

Perhaps you missed the video at the beginning of the forum where the E63 beat the tesla off the line? I have no desire to trade my MS for a MB. I enjoy my car but have no delusions that it is the fastest out there. Purpose of the post was to describe a real-world scenario where I went up against the E63 (the topic of this thread), as opposed to some to some artificial race situation. People need to relax with the pro-Tesla propaganda around here.

@Pbfoot, I agree... but the E63 uses launch control to achieve it's fastest acceleration. Your MS doesn't. You win. :-)

I read that performance pluss might actually shave another 0.5 sec of the model s times? Any truth to this?

Great 0-60 times and a blast while overtaking on the freeway are huge advantages of a Model S. BUT. Now that some German customers have received their Model S cars I would love to see some hot laps around the Nurburgring / Nordschleife.
So far I can only find footage from an old EV parade with a bunch of Tesla Roadsters participating but nothing thrilling to set a benchmark for others to challenge in their P85+

Better yet, I'd like to hear some honest feedback after sustained high speed driving on the Autobahn. How does the car handle a 120 mph cruise with AC on? I'm not specifically referring to range or efficiency, but rather the battery thermal protection limits at a given load.

Performance is not sexy if it requires the burning of fossil fuels.

A 120 mph cruise? It would be short.

@Brian H.

Yes, but as long as the car is able to hold the speed (battery load) for as long as it takes to maintain such speed longer than a few minutes without going into thermal protect, that's what matters most. I'm not sure how long the no speed limit stretches of the Autobahn are.

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