A tour de John Broder Model S annual car rally.

Here is a wonderful opportunity for the east coast Model S owners: an annual car rally based on the alleged experience of John Broder. In a traditional rally, participants attempt to match navigation and timing objectives over a defined course. The participant most closely matching the objectives established wins! Here, Broder's reported experience would serve as the objectives for the rally. Of course, we know that it will be impossible to match his 'experience,' but that is really the beauty of it! The participant closest to Broder's expereince- no matter how much better, would still be the winner. Since weather is an issue, the time of the race would need to be during the winter. Wouldn't this make a wonderful annual reminder of Broder's reported 'experience?' Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near the east coast, so I won't be able to participate until the supercharger network is more extensive, but here is an idea for any of you guys on the east coast to run with.

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