Toy Model S

Anyone interested in a toy Model S for your kids or yourself?

My daughter would like SpongeBob and Patrick to have their own Teslas. Given SpongeBob's driving record, we might need to wait until autopilot comes out.

I'd like to see Tesla release some 3D printable files for model cars and other objects. 3D printer websites can handle fulfillment of either printable file or the printed object.

Any other ideas for Tesla toys?

I wish HPI would make a lithium powered, brushless version of one of their electric on road kits. They make the most scale bodies an affordable RTR kits. I've got several of their kits. I think a Model S body with a li-po, brushless setup would be perfect! Like a real miniature Model S.

I'll go one further...How about Tesla embed their autopilot technology into a toy car so that it can navigate wherever you tell it to go or race with remote control cars? It could be an interesting proving ground for the technology and could really blow people's minds.

I'd settle for a HotWheels or Matchbox Model S...

mrspaghetti +1

Though I'd love a 1/18 scale model, but I'd rather Tesla concentrated on solving some of their "teething" problems that seem to be cropping up as they increase production and sales.

I shall call it "mini-S". And the price of this 1/18th scale model will be... ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS

There appears to be a 3D artistic rendition of the model s in the works according to this blog post of new products in the pipeline:

And there are some really cool Hot Wheels out there for the Roadster too:

Here's an idea:

Everyone that buys a Tesla car gets a model car _COPY_ of their real car - with exactly the same colors, wheels etc. Wouldn't that be a cool thing?

It could be 1:10 scale. For keeping on the shelf, at your office etc? Would draw some attention = even more sales.

Or let the kids play with it :-)

great idea!

I have one in my pocket right now. And it actually opens the doors, windows, tailgate and frunk! Pretty cool.

Sometime during the 3 1/2 years I was waiting for my Model S, Tesla sent me a radio controlled Roadster. Nice car, about a foot long. My grandsons couldn't understand why I didn't want to give it to them! :)

3+ year wait here in Australia - no rc car, no hats no nothing. Not even a hint of a local rep let alone a store!

Yeah, we got the radio controlled Roadster too - right around Xmas 2011.
I gave it to my nephews - my wife thought I was crazy!

dborn, we feel for you, but you do know that 90% of the world's GDP happens above the equator? - TM has to fill all the real-world orders first. We love Australia, but its a long way from anywhere, with very consumer-friendly laws compared to the U.S. A friend in Australia just forced BMW to buy back a K1600GT motorcycle for issues that would never give rise to buyback in the U.S. Some auto manufacturers avoid the AU/NZ area at least partly for that reason. And then there's that driving on the left thing...

Not a Model S toy, but, still pretty cool for holidays:

And, lots of Roadster Hot Wheels here to check out:

It's been a few months...anyone found a toy Model S at any scale?

Only 1:1. \;)

I stopped by a few model shops with this thread in mind. No luck so far. :(

Rather nice!
Someone needs to come out with a 3D printer template.

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