TSLA shares at attractive entry point per Deutsche Bank. What this really means...

Same thing it means everytime an analyst upgrades or declares a stock a "Buy"... it means they have already purchased blocks of shares and are now recommending Joe Shmoe to buy... although at a higher price point.

How many more upgrades/recommendations will YOU need to hear before you buy shares??? (with a price point rise on each upgrade). If they say buy, they already bought. If they say sell, they want to see a more attractive entry point. Don't play their games.

"Tesla shares have reached attractive entry point, Deutsche saysTesla's (TSLA) stock has reached a favorable entry point, Deutsche Bank wrote in a note to investors earlier today. WHAT'S NEW: At current levels Tesla's stock is not pricing in sales from the company's mass market vehicles, Deutsche Bank contended. Expected to be launched in 2017, these vehicles could cause the auto maker's sales volume to at least triple, the firm contended. Tesla also has a number of other upcoming potential positive catalysts, according to Deutsche Bank. These include a favorable resolution of the probe by the U.S. government into fires involving a number of Tesla vehicles, strong orders from China, and further increases in the company's profit margins, the firm contended. Deutsche Bank expects the results of the federal probe to be favorable to Tesla, and it kept a $200 price target and Buy rating on the shares. PRICE ACTION: In mid-morning trading, Tesla was unchanged at $120.50."

Hilarious. My stop-loss kicked in at $117 yesterday, so I'm now officially no longer a TSLA shareholder (first time since July, 2010). :-(


Thanks. I think you made it bottom out, as it's nearly $127 now.

Wonder what happened to that guy that was mad at his advisor for talking him out of buying at $162.

Thanks for rubbing it in, David.

At about 11:10 the stock went on a tear. Deutche's announcement?

Have you put your money back in, cf? Or are you still sulking? ;p

Sorry cfOH.

My personal rule on TSLA is never sell for less than the highest price at which I've purchased.

That is my personal rule for all stocks. Always sell for more than I paid.

Unfortunately, that rule is still a work in process. :)

So you'll sell in the early stages of a long rise? <:O

Can you name a great performing stock, the ones that have risen 10~100x in the past, that went up a straight line without any setbacks in between? I can't.

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