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I asked a friend who recently got his Model S for his complaints. He mentioned the lack of proximity warning when parking--something we all know the Model S lacks. However, he complained that the turning radius was fairly wide. I looked on the website and the spec says 37 feet. That doesn't seem too much wider than my Lexus LS460l which is speced at 35.4 feet.

Owners, any other reactions to the turning circle on the Model S?

I had a 2004 Volvo S60 R (which is AWD), and the turning radius was horrible. I compared the numbers, and the volvo was 42.7 ft. I know 37 ft isn't great but I'm satisfied knowing it's 5 feet smaller than the volvo was.

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Model S is middle of the pack as far as I can tell.

For comparisons of turning radii for new cars see:

Tesla isn't listed but it's 37' turning radius compares closely with Mercedes Benz E Class, M.B. CLs, BMW 3 series and many others. Turning radii range from 32' to 48.6 (Maybach of course).

I have driven BMW 3-series and Mecerdes E series RWD cars and both of them have smaller turning circle than my model S even though spec is similar. I simply can't make a U turn on a 4-lane road (2-lane each direction) without backing up. I am surprise there isn't more complain about this. Or is it just my car?

Have made many U-turns in my S. can Iph states, for me not significantly better or worse (for a car of that size) than my Seville or previous cars. And specifically, I do make U-turns at numerous 4-lane intersections with no issue.

I actually found the turning radius pretty good compared to my previous Audi A6. Keep in mind, the Model S is not a small car...

My 325i is great at 34 ft, my TSX is horrendous at 40 ft,
My Model S nice at 37 ft. It's a big car and 37 ft is considered good.

Try shoulder muscle-building exercises. And drive slower when U-turning. ;D

It isn't bad for a big car -- just today, I made a u-turn on a 2-lane road, using a T intersection where a road joined in. I turned into the other road, made sure it was clear, and then continued going back in the direction I came from without ever backing up. So, while it certainly is a bigger turning radius than say the MR2 I used to drive, it is better than I expected.

It is better than my '12 BMW 550.

The turning circle feels bigger to me than the stated 37 feet. For instance, I find it easier to maneuver my Audi S8 (42 foot turning circle) in my garage than the Model S. I think it has to do with the lack of parking sensors and not being able to get as close to walls as a result.

I find it smaller than my E60 M5 or my wife's Infinity M35 (completely subjective though). I backup often just because I'm paranoid about the front splitter and rims.

37 feet sounds wrong to me, quite honestly. I was driving an Audi S4 with a claimed radius of 37.4 and it felt wayyyy tighter than what I get with the Tesla. I'm really surprised to see that 37 number - is that from recent specs? Tesla is a much bigger car than the S4 and so I'm okay with the turning radius being a bit larger... which is what I was assuming was the case based purely on driving experience.

@rroonnbb | MARCH 25, 2013: I'm really surprised to see that 37 number - is that from recent specs?

Yes, from the Specs

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