Very long run on electricity.

I have an idea how to make the long drive Model S for Electricity. I plan to use the power of resistance of the air flow, which occurs when driving a car. Do you think that is possible?

Maybe this (kind of) thread is the closest we will ever get to a perpetuum mobile?
Seriously, and no offense intended, don't we have better things to do?

Guys come on... let this thread drop. Anton999 can not give a single bit a true data and you are letting him laugh at you as he posts this garbage.
If anything he is saying is true he would be able to post his calculations without giving away any secrets.


Car A (base car)
speed: 20mph
wieght: 4000lbs
cd: 24
watt per minute from battery: 300
no turbine installed

Car B (experimental)
speed: 20mph
weight: 4015lbs
cd: 30
watt per minute from battery:420
watt per minute from turbine: 100

He obviously has NO idea that just adding weight to the car increases power used. He has no idea what the cd is at all.

Apparently this Sudre_ have no idea what I say! You really did not understand the meaning of the discussed ideas!!! And I do not heve CD!

Duh. Cd is the Coefficient of Drag, and is essential to calculating the effects of wind resistance on the energy the car uses. You have no clue. Go away.

Available Brian H!!! In the discussion of the idea made ​​a farce! All such proffessory! And no one even tried to solve the problem of global warming! All that you can empty it and just troll!

TC | November 16, 2012

I'm like 99% sure Anton999 is just trolling you guys

Me: I think the TC nailed this and I'm giving him the last word.

I am now just going to report all of Anton999 as spam.

I'm not surprised if Sudre_ will soon present their idea how to save the world.

Front of the monitor is easy to discuss what that idea. Try it yourself at least something to present.

I created this thread in the forum is not to fight with blunt statements neumesnyh commentators! And in order to discuss with smart people the idea. Since then no one except the upstarts, regret having spent my time.

Thank you for the service company Tesla.


Anton is not a native English speaker. He speaks Ukranian, which you can tell by his sentence structure. He's using machine translation in addition to the small amount of English he has.

Better to discuss thermodynamics with him, but dont be rude. Hes trying to communicate.

I apologize.

OMG. I was quick to post a link that should have clarified it quite painlessly. Turns out, no, we have to reiterate it all over again... So be it.

Thank you for understanding, I am very grateful for the solidarity and understanding.

@jbunn Better to discuss thermodynamics with him, but dont be rude. Hes trying to communicate.

I would love to, but he isn't giving much to discuss about. His "device" is obviously some sort of perpetual machine which doesn't really work, but unless he gives us quite a bit more info there is nothing much to discuss about.

@Anton999, here is a link to laws of thermodynamics:

Translations at the left (English version is best though, as usual).

Very short version: you can never gain net energy from system where start and the end of the chain of conversions of the energy are the same.

Getting Amped Soon I'm not offended.

If Getting Amped Soon and would like to discuss this topic in the mail, I would be happy.

I thought I would point out for those that have not seen it that there are some wind powered carts that appear to to be defying the laws of physics, but are actually very cleverly engineered and have can reach speeds over twice the speed of the wind. However, they are pretty ugly due to the big propellers and wouldn't want to apply them to the model s :).

Yes there have been a lot of propetual motion ideas on these boards I agree. But here is one that is not, and is a great mind exersize for engineers. The design I will present isn't propetual motion because it is leveraging the difference in speed between the ground and the air. Say you are out in the desert at a standstill and you have the wind is 20mph to your back. The difference is 20mph. Now lets say you are travelling 30mph directly downwind and now have a 10mph headwind. The difference between the air speed and the ground is STILL 20mph. If you cleverly construct a machine that has a propeller and wheels linked in a special way, you can harness the energy in the speed difference between the air and the ground. Then what seems impossible, namely going directly downwind faster than the wind itself becomes possible. If you don't believe me, see the following videos:

simple visualization of the physics:
(In this video the ruler represents the 'air'. Notice how the cart can move faster than the 'air')

A more technical visualization of the physics:

That's a clever system, but it only works if there is wind and it's tailwind. It doesn't work on headwind. That propeller is working like a sail. Doesn't help Anton999 case.

Any responses to a thread about perpetual motion are counterproductive. There are ample resources on the web if Anton999 wanted to educate himself. so far no evidence of that. My earlier post (#3 in this thread) was intended to show in humorous way that only crazies should respond to crazies!

Was post #4, not 3


Were you thinking about charging the air in front of the car, then using the moving charged particle to induce a current? You still have to put more energy into the system than you can get out. Entropy must be maximized.


Next you'll postulate transmitting electricity without wires using only the air!!



--- Cherif

The only time anyone is going to get any excess energy from the air is if there is already a difference between the vehicle ground speed and air speed and have a system setup just right so that it leverages that difference. If there is no wind when the vehicle is sitting still or if the air is moving along in step with the ground you can't capture any energy because any energy that might be captured by a turbine is cancelled by the energy it would take to push the turbine through the air. Here is another video of the same blackbird vehicle with the blades reversed to act as a turbine instead of a propeller and now going upwind directly into the wind. It works because the air is moving in relation to the ground and there is a link between the blades and the wheels, but as you can see its very impractical due to the huge surface area they need on the blades. You could have a tiny turbine on your grill or roof. But it would be like the solar panel on the Fiskar where it would take years to charge the battery one time.

Cherif, good one!
We are after all buying a car named after a lunatic who enjoyed bending the laws of nature.

Я планую використовувати пристрій, який буде встановлений в передній частині автомобіля, зовні таке авто ні чим не відрізняеться від бензинових аналогів. Вся справа в тому, що прилад не має будь яких особливостей, якіб збільшували силу супротиву вітру на авто. Крім того, коли автомобіль буде рухатися, поток повітря в моему пристрої буде обертати крилатку, яка через редуктор з'єднуеться з генератором. А ля того щоб легше було вийти повітрю з вузла з крилаткою потрібно використовувати ше один пристрій, але про нього потім.

Using google translator, that sounds like all the other generator ideas I have seen. Fan in the car geared to generator to make electricity from airflow.

Anton999, it doesn't matter where you put that thing into car, it still causes drag: if it doesn't it doesn't generate any electricity either. Wind power is not free energy, you slow the airflow at least as much as you generate electricity because air movement is the source of the energy (but not the origin of the energy in this case). If you slow air down you cause drag.

Like making a sailboat go by blowing on the sail (from inside the sailboat). Impel yourself back as hard as you push the boat forward, or even harder. The windmill gets pushed back harder than the electricity it generates can provide motive power through the motor.


You guys are quite gracious.

Given the very fundamental physics governing this, it's remarkable how much effort has been put into dignifying this with a response.

Nuff said.

The best thing is don't respond to this way of thinking or better, this way of thinging

Okay guys, thanks for your opinion. Those who have any questions please contact me at: antoha.master @


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