Web Design Studio is operational

Finally get to see MY car!

Only 3 days late, and worth the wait.

I feel SO much better! Thank you TM, and I'm sorry for ever doubting you!

What is that structure in the ceiling just above the rear view mirror? Is it storage of some kind?

And...there's now an edit feature on the forum! (Up above on the Tesla logo)

Never mind...that's only for the initial post in the thread...I need to go to sleep!

I like the tail on the performance especially from the side view.

dborn, I was told that is a speaker.

Did people notice that the standard interior is now "Textile" instead of "Microfiber?" It looks great in the renderings. I for one am very pleased with the appearance of the standard interior.

We can all relax now....

HEY! Where are the cup holders?!?

No more complaints from me....they got this right...options and all. Except perhaps that I would prefer the dark performance wheels in the smaller 19" version. My experience with the lower profile tires is that they tend to blow easily and have a harder ride.

Bring on number 23 on the general production!

I thought the two-tone roof vs seatback was a mistake in photoshop but it is consistent for the studio.

In addition there is ZERO exterior or interior difference between Sig and regular.

Still shows rear headrests. I was told specifically that these had been removed from the car for visibility reasons. I think they look good.
Anyone have other information?


So why do I get a message saying, "Success! You've unlocked bonus views". I click OK but nothing happens.

You have bonus views. What more do you want?

@Kroneal - I was getting that about a month ago, when viewing the site on an original iPad when I encountered some other errors. It doesn't seem to do anything, or didn't at the time, and I wasn't able to reproduce it on a desktop. It sounds like it may have been intended to be an Easter Egg, possibly as a result of swiping to another view with a touchscreen, but it didn't actually unlock anything for me previously, and I'm not seeing it now.

Thanks, Nick. I just wanted to makes sure I wasn't missing something. So everybody else sees just the 10 interior views, right? Those customizable center consoles all look great but I am going to choose the one with the 32 oz. Thirstquencher cup holders, tissue cozy, and mini fridge. And what about the Signature Surprises view? Loved it! Those things are awesome, just like a Bond car. I can't wait for some big, old gas guzzling truck to tailgate me.

I had this bizarre dream last night that I discovered you could push a button on the side of the center armrests and that the whole assembly sprung to life and moved foward about a foot. The armrests then folded back 90 degrees behind the console to reveal several storage compartments behind the existing cupholders. To top it off, another tilt out compartment revealed itself in front of and below the cup holders.

Hurrah, i've got a bit more confidence in the TM S model delivery schedule.

Less remorse about holding thousands of TSLA shares compared to 24 hours ago. can the design studio facet boost TSLA back to the 35-36 range?

What color is the piping for gray performance interior? Looks yellowish to me.

POB, I seriously doubt that Wall Street cares about the design studio. :)

On the side view of the interior which shows the back seats: What is at the bottom front of the armrest / cup holder module? Whatever it may be it is not flush with the module base like I would expect. It looks like something "extra" there. I blew up the picture and it does not appear to be an artifact. Any ideas? (If I knew how to post pictures I'd do so and draw an arrow to it.)

@ddruz, I can think of three things that match your description - The seat buckle, the arm rest/cup holders, and the open storage area. I am almost positive that you are referring to none of these.

~ Prash.

The extra views message is a bleed-over from the Roadster design studio, which would give you additional views if you put in the Konami code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A Start) where Start is ENTER. Oh, programmers... :P
I saw back then that users on touch devices were accidentally inputting the code while randomly swiping around.

I'm hoping they'll eventually give us some extra views for the S too! Maybe once they lump in the Options portion of the design studio too.

prash.saka, Thanks for your reply but it's none of those.

Very nice. I've had my 15 minutes of fun with it, as i imagined. Not very much to play around with, unlike the roadster design studio.
I'll go back to cybersleep now, wake me when European pricing is up ;-)

P664 Europe

Wait - I only have 4 views of the interior, and no options. How do you get to the extra views?

Is it me or I don't see how the back seat can split and fold 60/40.

Interior view doesn't bring much clarity. I see a line separating the seats but it stops mid-way when it meets a leather bubble... Need that split to put my skis. Should I be worried


@pbrulott: Not to worry, I was at the Santana Row event last weekend and there is definitely a 60/40 back seat split and the back seats fold down nearly flat (I would guess 3-5 degrees off horiz.)

@ddruz: I believe this sloping segment below the armrest accommodates the AC/heating duct for the rear seats.

Still shows rear headrests. I was told specifically that these had been removed from the car for visibility reasons. (doutt)

This must have been a misunderstanding, IMO. Maybe the rear headrests were removed in a specific car that your were looking at? I am sure the final production car will have rear headrests, if only for regulatory reasons.

Question is, though, how far down can they be moved when not in use? In some Mercedes, the rear head rests can be tilted back (at the push of a button, from the driver's seat), such that they point into the trunk and are almost entirely removed from rear view. That would also help the Model S, but honestly, I simply expect headrests that can be vertically adjusted, and the low position would be the not-in-use position.

The rear head rest thing is odd. When I was at the Santana event I was specifically told they had been removed. Now I'm just confused.

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