West Coast Green Highway

Interesting project, much of it completed. Unfortunately, it looks as though the fast chargers are ChAdeMO, which we can't use. Aaargh!

Just curious: flipping through picture of existing locations on that site, there was one of a Roadster parked next to a charging station. Can Roadsters use ChAdeMO? Or was it more likely to be using a J1772 station?

Roadsters cannot use CHAdeMO, but usually a level 2 J1772 ESVE can be found anywhere there is a CHAdeMO station.

In the Northwest, there are several 70 amp Roadster stations (adapter required), at least one of which has been converted to J1772.


Do you know which one was converted to J1772?


I believe it's in Blain. I read this somewhere in the NW Tesla Owners Club (Google Groups). Let me know if you can't find the link and want to join.

Also, take a look at the Tesla Highway map, put together by Chad Schwitters:

There he says, "The blue flags are 240V 70A chargers. Some have Tesla connectors, some (more every day!) have J1772 connectors."

I am involved in a project to place 80 Amp chargers along US 2 between Wenatchee and Spokane and along US 97 between Wenatchee and Ossoyoos, BC. We intend to place five Clipper Creek SC-100 units on these major highways. Take a look at Chad Schwitters' Tesla Highway map and you can see why we need to complete these routes. If you are interested e-mail me: Jack Anderson



@JackA: These are the higher speed J1772 requiring twin chargers to get the higher speed?

Tesla is including a CHAdeMO adapter with its Tesla S's when they are released in Japan this year:
So it is clearly possible to do it.

I expected that I would easily get back and forth from my house in Centralia to the airport with my 60 kWh S when I ordered it more than a year ago but it can't make it, even in the energy conservation mode and 5 mph below the speed limit.

I have written to Tesla, asking them when the adapter can be made available but have not heard back yet. I think that it would be worthwhile for those of us in the NW to keep pressure on Tesla to provide us with that adapter... it's not fair that the Leaf drivers have an easier time of driving I-5 than we do.

I wish I had more confidence in this report. The Japanese blog that reported this story said TM had "announced" the adapter, but they cited no source, and I have seen no confirmations or other references to this "announcement." I also think a CHAdeMO adapter would be great, but I don't know how feasible or likely it is.

I drive by several chademo stations on the west coast green highway regularly. Sure would be nice to use them. And less expensive for tesla that the supercharger network...

IF a chademo adapted is made available wouldn't we need a twin charger to take advantage of those chargers?

No, CHAdeMO is DC and bypasses the chargers entirely. However, your car would most likely need to have supercharger hardware to use a CHAdeMO connection.


No, you wouldn't. CHAdeMO is DC (Level 3) charging which bypasses the charger in the car and goes directly to the battery. It's possible you might need the supercharging components, though.

Thanks for the good news. Bring on the adaptors.

Current info from the

"The Level 2 charging equipment will be compatible with most electric cars including the Ford Focus, Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt. Major automakers have agreed on a standard J-1772 plug for Level 2 charging, the most common type of charging in homes and public places. Some vehicles such as the Tesla have proprietary charging equipment that is not compatible at this time. The Level 3 fast charging equipment is in its infancy and its standard has yet to be adopted. The goal for the Electric Highway Project is to install compatible and interoperable charging equipment."

Mine did come with an adapter for the level 2 charger, but not the adapter for the CHAdeMO (fast) charger. The sooner Tesla gets on board for standardizing this, the better off we will all be.

West Coast Green Highway L2 chargers are SAE 1772 and our Model S cars can draw 32 Amps of charge from them. The adapter is included with the mobile charger kit. I have used it several times, there are no issues except the fact that these are all low amperage L2 stations. When the verbiage was written for the Green Highway site they only knew about Tesla Roadsters so excluded "Tesla" specifically. The key is SAE 1772 compatibility the Model S has it via the supplied adapter.

There are J1772 chargers that put out 70 amps. Where a 30 amp charger costs about $800 from Home Depot. The least expensive 70 amp chargers (that use the J 1772 standard) run about $2500. But if you run across a 70 amp, your model S can use all of it if it has twin chargers on board.

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