What term should we use for the "gas pedal."

I propose "the exhilarator!"

:D +1

This has come up before. I like "goose pedal".

Go pedal.


"watts pedal"

I just call it the accelerator.


Steppin' on the juice!

+1 goneskilan.

Go pedal sounds pretty good. Lots of folks use this already.

One syllable, and says what it does.

"Exhilarator" is very clever, but "goose pedal" really nails it!

Accelerator works just fine.

Go pedal
Stop pedal
Decide how fast pedal (Formerly the clutch - used on ancient cars)

Just dispense with the silliness and call it the generic normal name it has had for decades... an accelerator... how many times have you heard "Please step on the accelerator" when you were a kid during driving school or elsewhere?

The Bye-Bye Booster

The DC to AC proportionater pedal !

Since the gas pedal increases the flow of gasoline to the engine for ICE. The pedal in the Telsa should be called the electron.

It's the accelerator on all cars it's never been a gas pedal anyway.

I call mine The Flux Capacitor Acuator

Launch pedal

Charge Plate?

Juice bar?


South Park called it the PRISSY PEDAL

Most I know refer to it as the Go Pedal. Simple to say and simple to understand--Push to go, let up to not go.

+1 for "accelerator"


Grin getter!

Yes, but could Batman beat up Superman?

@jjs: yes, but only if he uses cryptonite

I think "Variable speed control pedal" is the technical term, but accelerator works for me

Giddy Up.

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