3D Printing vs. manufacturing line economies of scale

( from a letter by Casey Research)

"But the industry with all the “wow” is additive manufacturing, known as 3D printing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video of the process is a novel."

( search You Tube for a video of 3 D printing)

"And 3D printing is scalable and eliminates economies of scale; there are plans to print an entire commercial aircraft wing, and whether 1 or 10,000 of the same item is printed the cost per item remains constant. Amazing."

Can Tesla use 3 D printing to bring cost of manufacturing lower than what is projected with the NUMMI facility? Its low capital cost vs what is could have been is an advantage to begin with, but how do you leapfrog the competition in manufacturing costs - does 3D printing provide a way?

Well, it's already a highly advanced robotic line. 3D printing of metals is still in early days. I'd expect Elon and the boyz to be watching closely, tho'.

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