85kw, 60kw, and 40kw data on battery ranger

Here is what Model S true range and speed over time will do to the battery.

If you drive 20-30C you get half the range.


I just talk to another two people at Tesla and they told me the same thing. SC Have advantages and they have disadvantages to which battery disgrading faster overtime. It makes a lot of sense.

I just talk to another person. Product Specialist and he told me its not true. Now I don't know who to believe or what to believe.

I would believe the Supercharger engineers over some retail Tesla employees.

Believe in Karma...



They could use some of your battery insights...


I will never buy that car. To many problems with that car. But one thing it has a nice design that all.

I wonder what % of S/C users will be relying on it for commutes, and what % will use it (as intended) for occasional l.d. road trips.

I'm also very curious what Elon's promised "step change" improvement in the S/Cs involves. The one that NYT was supposed to report on before Broder high-jacked the article.

So..... you had an EV1 in 1960, 30 YEARS before it was built. Do you time travel often nn?

@Vawlkus | FEBRUARY 23, 2013: So..... you had an EV1 in 1960, 30 YEARS before it was built.

He actually said, "I used to have a GM EV1 in the 90s before all of you got a a model S."

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