Any way to download the Tesla overview video?

I get my P85 in 2 weeks and would like to review the video while I'm on a flight home tomorrow. Is there a link to download the video, or is it restricted to streaming?

I am sure there's a way to to defeat the streaming only protocol but I don't know how.

People has been do that on youtube from the very early day, so I can assume that you can do that on Tesla as well.

I watched it on youtube yesterday, it wont play on Tesla's site for some reason.

Tanks for the replies. Unfortunately YouTube also is a streaming site, thus can't do it on an airplane - even if I spring for in flight wi fi.

Oops-"thanks"not "tanks"

You can use this site to easily download youtube videos:

You should be able to download Real Player or Real Player Converter free (at least for Macs) and then when you open it, it should give you an option to download the YouTube video.

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