Who else has ordered in the Austin area?  I've heard of a total of 3 so far, including myself.

I am in the Westlake area with number 85.  Barry

Austin's monthly Clean Tech Forum is having a session on Wednesday, 19 September 2007 entitled: "Grid Connected Vehicles: Will Electric Vehicles Soon Jam the Streets?".  Part of the session will talk about pure battery EVs, in addition to plug-in hybrid vehicles, which are being championed by Austin's municipally-owned utility. 

There are some interesting panelists, and the venue might give the future Tesla drivers a chance to meet each other.  I'll be there.  Anyone else?

More info at:

StephenS - Please post any interesting news from the session. - SteveH

The 09/19/07 meeting on electric drive vehicles was very successful.  The hall was full, and people were still asking questions when the maintenance staff needed to shut down the building.  The local alternative press summarized the session at: and a white paper produced as background for the meeting is available at:

There's a cute little rebate of $250 offered by Austin Energy for all-electric cars.  Program guidelines are at:
I noticed that Tesla Roadsters are not yet listed as "qualifying vehicles", but I've queried to see how this can be changed. 

On a separate note, I've talked with Roger Duncan, the Deputy General Manager of Austin Energy, about the future arrival of some Teslas.  Roger was already aware that the electrical load created by the Tesla Charging Station may be a bit "challenging" for the power distribution infrastructure in some parts of town, and AE is hoping to receive some advance notice of all installations so they can decide whether the pole outside your house is going to need a new transformer.  They are extremely supportive of EV's, and also don't want any nasty fireworks irritating the neighbors or plunging them into darkness.

Don't forget to remind naysayers or fear mongers that adding an EV charger to the load is not much worse than adding an electric stove or dryer or a new pool to the neighborhood. As far as overall generation capacity, adding an EV actually reduces the overall load since it obviates the need for all the electricity to pump and refine the gasoline it displaces.

I just sent in my 50% down payment for my new Tesla. Car is due in 14 months.

My name is Jeff Chen and I just pulled up next to your Tesla on Bee Caves Rd yesterday (3/28). I was in the black Prius. Your car looks fabulous! I'd love to chat with you regarding delivery in Austin, any electrical work you may have needed to do for the charger, and just to say hello. I have to lock in my vehicle selections pretty soon. My cell phone # is 512-657-6846 and email is . Look forward to sharing and connecting...

I did the entire vehicle registration process at the Travis County Tax Office (Airport Blvd) in eight minutes flat!

I'm #859 on the list for the Model S.
Anyone interested in getting the Austin Tesla community together over a drink or dinner?  My email is , cell phone 512-657-1261

I am in Frisco (Dallas), Texas and am number 188. Will J.

A Dallas area owner and I (Boerne, TX area) have been talking about finding a place to meet somewhere in between.  Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio area owners might be able to meet up in Austin/Georgetown with Austin area owners if there was a place for everyone to get a charge to return home on.  Any ideas Austin owners?

The (3) Austin Roadster owners have a little Google group: .  This might be the easiest way to reach us.  I know there's at least one HPC among us, and I know there aren't three.

I just placed a deposit on a Roadster, but before I complete my purchase, I wanted to ask some Texas owners about service arrangements.  (Sorry, but I posted a similar one in the San Antonio thread).

The Tesla reps have made oral statements that they will service my vehicle at my home, however the Warranty specifically disclaims those exact representations.  I am having Tesla's legal department look into this, because the warranty states in two places that as a condition of receiving warranty service, I must deliver my vehicle to TM at my expense.  It also says in two other places that the employees of TM cannot modify the written warranty without written approval of corporate.

From what I understand, with regard to service, so far TM has been a "nice" company.  They have been servicing vehicles at the customer's home even though they are under no legal obligation to do so.  On the other hand, they also raised the price of the car offered to the early adopters after the purchasers believed they had contractually locked in a price.  Well, I'm afraid that TM may arbitrarily decide to discontinue the home servicing they have been doing thus far.  In fact, the warranty specifically says that if TM undertakes benevolent behavior, they are under no obligation to continue it.  They also state that just because they offer benevolent treatment to some customers, they are under no obligation to extend that to other similarly situated customers.

Before I spend $135,000 on a car "with a home service agreement," I am going to make sure that the "home service agreement" is in writing.  I was just wondering if anyone else living in Texas had the foresight to get a contract modification from TM prior to purchase... I simply wonder if I am the only one.  When dealing with a new, out of state, company with a new car brand and model, based on new technology, costing a lot of money, I thought other people would want assurances written down and made part of the sales contract.  If others did, then it would be easier for me to get the same assurances.  If I don't get those assurances as part of my contract, then I might have to allocate my $135,000 towards my second choice vehicle... yes, I would be disappointed if that were to happen, but after spending $135,000 on a vehicle, it would burn me up that I would have to pay to ship my car to california every time it needs warranty service.  Also, by doing so, my gas-less vehicle would burn hundreds of gallons of diesel going back and forth.

I believe that Tesla will be successful and open more maintenance options closer to home.  However, another concern I have, is that TM may place a repair shop in El Paso, and then tell all Texas roadster owners that we have to get service there.  They would argue that they have conveniently placed a service center in our state.

So I am looking for guidance from other Texas owners to see how y'all modified your sales agreements.  I want to make sure I include same or similar clauses in my contract.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Houston, TX

Ken - You sound like a lawyer.  So here's some more info to make it even harder.

The real problem is the Texas legislature.  Some people in Governor's office told me they had just hosted a visit from Tesla corporate.  Tesla Motors wanted to build a Tesla-owned store in Texas, and were told it's completely impossible.  TX law requires at least two tiers of distribution for cars and for alcoholic beverages, thus ensuring the steady flow of campaign donations from car dealers and liquor distributors.  They thought they could get around the car dealers, given the recent upheavals, but there's no way the alcohol distributors' lobby would allow any changes to the rules.  It's their life blood.  Talk to the Lege.

I personally have had onsite visits from the very excellent service manager from the Chicago store.  When my energy storage sytem died (due to a firmware bug that they knew about), TM sent a truck to my house to bring my car to CA, diagnosed/repaired the batteries, and trucked it back to my house.  No charge to me.  The Chicago service manager said that the only repairs that he cannot do in the field are those that require removing/replacing the 950 pound battery box.  If you've visited the Menlo Park vehicle assembly facility you'll recall a very special lifing device to move a half ton box in unusual ways.  I would guess they're putting those lifting devices in the factory-owned stores to save on shipping charges.  This won't help us in Texas.


That was nice of them to ship the car to CA and back free of charge.  All I ask is that they promise me that in writing.  If only they would do that, I would buy the vehicle.


P.S. As for the lawyer thing... not a lawyer, but have taken some law school classes.

We should do a Austin/San Antonio Tesla get together sometime for Roadster owners and Model S people.

I'm interested.  (Roadster Sport near Boerne).

Would anyone be interested in a Austin/San Antonio meet-up next month?  Maybe Feb. 5th or 6th?  I was thinking maybe just grab dinner somewhere Friday night and give the area people a chance to meet.


The Roadster owners in Austin communicate via a Google Group: 

Thanks.  How do I post to that group?  I searched under austintesla in google groups and didn't see it.  If someone is able to post to it or is a member of it, let someone from there know about the possible meet-up.  I think it would be fun to meet other Roadster owners/Model S buyers in the area.

dsm363 - You need to be invited.  If you'd like to join post your email address here and I'll have Josh, the group owner, add you.



Greetings Tesla Community,

Model S Reservation #P-1794 here.  I just joined the community Friday 04/09/2010 and have been reading through the blogs.   Great to see all positive stories regarding the Tesla maintenance and support.    I live south of Houston and also have concerns reqarding maintenance, as well as being able to find any type of charging stations away from my home.  I know it will present a hurdle, but one I am confident we can overcome and support more vehicles like Tesla.  

It will be some time before my fantasy car's number comes up but I will continue to check the blogs and look forward to sharing the adventure with fellow Texan's.


I'm waiting for Model S #2984, in Cedar Park.

I'm glad to have some access to other Tesla owners (or soon to be), locally.

David Smith
Austin, Texas

Can I get an invite to the Austin Tesla Google group?

I am disappointed and slightly miffed at the supposed Tesla group in Austin being limited only to Roadster owners. Perhaps it's not intended as snobby, but it certainly comes across that way.

Perhaps I'll start my own real Tesla Owners groups, for those holding Model S reservations as well.

I'm a reservation holder (#2593) for a Model S in San Antonio. I'd like to stay in the loop on local initiatives regarding Tesla, thanks

I'm looking forward to meeting y'all in the semi-distant future. Currently I'm a signature reservation #371 holder in Austin. Once we start getting our cars here it would be great to get together some time, compare notes.

#228 Signature here in Austin. Is anyone else in Austin going to the Tesla Model S event at the Fremont Factory on Oct 1st?

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