Best EV batteries in the world but Tesla doesn't use them.

Altairnano makes the best EV batteries in the world. Altairnano lithium-titanate battery cells have operating temperature of -40F to 131F and charge very fast in 10 minutes. They are made in the USA. Wondering why Tesla didn't use these batteries in Model S. Here is a car which uses these batteries. Another start up company In the UK.

Because those have really bad energy density and they cost more than Panasonic batteries. 85kWh Battery pack made from those would weight over three times as much as it does now.

Panasonic battery lose range when the weather get very cold and hot and don't last as long.

That's still not better. You need range and affordability more than anything else from batteries. Altairnano batteries work for PHEV:s, not for BEV:s.

There is no such thing as " best battery in the world". Every battery product has trade offs compared to other batteries.

Don't feed the troll!

@nnt - maybe the SLS E-drive will use them and you can get that instead. After all, I am sure it has door pockets.

There was a time people said exactly the same thing about A123 batteries -- why would Tesla use laptop batteries instead of A123 which were designed for automotive use and had all these great properties? I wonder what Fisker and GM (for the Spark) think of that decision now.

Yeah, energy density is king when it comes to long range EVs. Unless you want to pepper the country with 500kW fast charge stations every 50 miles.

I have no need for a 30kWh Model S, even if it could theoretically charge in 10 minutes and didn't lose range in winter.

The only other option I see for batteries are the rumored 400Wh/kg cells from Envia.

The two-sitter weights 1,900 KG! That is over 4,100 pounds!

"Realistically, with a powerful off-board charger you can be back on the road in 20 minutes".... What is so special here? :-)

Let me through my 2 cents in here as very senior battery technoilogist. the lithium titanasnte (Altairnano) have an energy density of about 50 Wh/kg. The panasonic cell is about 260 Wh/kg. In other words the weight of the battery would increase by close to a factor of 5.

Ouch, that's even worse than I remembered.

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