Cancellations become new Registrations

Just ran into my buddy who has had a roadster for about 1 1/2 years. I drove his car and decided to sign up for the Sig 6 months ago and got #563. I saw him today and he said he finally pulled the plug for a Sig and got #44x (443 or 447 I can't remember). Anyway, i think it answers the question as to what happens when you cancel your Sig order - no one on the list moves up! Someone else is preferentially added to the list. Thought you migth find this interesting.

SSL, aka Roadster owners, were already given preferential placement on the overall list.

Sure he didn't just upgrade a production placement to Sig? That would likely explain the odd number.

Is there a documented number of reservations that were issued and later refunded or upgraded to a Signature reservation that are no longer in line for a car to be built. Being #8064 I've got to believe that some of the numbers below mine are no longer there effectively moving me closer to receiving my car.

Yep -- if 000s cancel, you may get yours in September!


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