CCI price has been announced

I just received the CCI price. It's almost $ 900 standart and if I want carbon fiber, it's almost $ 1,200. Do you think it's a reasonable price?

@Soflauthor - please understand that my post was more about maximizing your profit, not a negative comment about the CCI price.

@ cloroxbb

I was the one that opened this thread and I want to repeat myself again and clarify myself too. I think you didn't get what I meant by saying: I spent $ 108,000 for a car and I can afford another $ 1,000. If you continue reading, you will see that I purposely said that I think that new CCI is pretty simple for the price they are asking. I am willing to pay more than $ 1000 even more than $ 3,000 but give me the product I can enjoy. If you Google the phrase : Concept Center Console, you'll be able to see a lot of consoles that could be built. Different designs, even futuristic designs. Does it cost more to build? Yes, could be, but I am saying again and again that a lot of people would pay much more than a $ 1,000 for a beautiful center console. But the product we are getting for this kind of money is not worth it, sorry. I respect the effort but the numbers don't match the quality and design. It's my personal opinion and i am not trying to convince everybody. There will be a lot of people on my side and a lot on the other.

Frankly, if people thought it was going to be $350-450, they just weren't paying attention. When he said it would be less than the paint armor, it seemed clear he didn't mean a lot less.

Automotive Manufacturers are held to a higher standard than aftermarket offerings. Teslas Accessories have additional front loaded costs (may be required to be accessed for such things as "crash worthiness") and must be designed to perform as an integral part of the whole. How will it perform? will it break free and become a projectile in a side, frontal, or rear impact? cause injury? They are on the hook for it, and as is usually the case consumers are their own worst enemy. We complain that it it expensive, but if it were to break loose and injure your toddler bet you would be screaming that they should have designed and built it better and your next call would be to your attorney.

If I decide to alter or add a "widget or whatchamaycallit" to my car That's on me as I altered the design intent. A manufacturer has no such leeway. Imagine the fallout if it were discovered that Teslas own console accessory was found to be the cause of an injury in an accident investigation as a direct result of manufacturing or design deficiency?

You can't just slap something together and put it in a car "as a manufacturer" There are other considerations. Add the relatively low volume, required testing, will it buckle, fade, etc. and you can see prices that seem to exceed what would seem reasonable for what you are getting.

If all this is not enough Call a Mercedes, or (insert make) dealer and ask what the price of a replacement or add on accessory console is. That might bring things into focus.

Unreasonable price for its functionality. I was expecting around $400 but at nearly $900 - not worth the real estate. Time will tell if there is a market for it at this price. We will know when they knock the price down that they are not selling too well. I would be Ok realizing a smaller margin to sell more units. I also hear rumors of TESLA selling their own middle console. I have seen a picture of a back seat console that fits on the middle seat - by TESLA - looked nice. Don't remember where I found out about it -probably another thread on the forum. It's like these guys are selling gasoline in an area after a major catastrophe, there are no alternatives on the market. I know the difference is a mandatory commodity vs. a strictly voluntary commodity - but the main theme here is don't take too much advantage of the law of supply and demand. Bottom Line: love these guys entreprenaurial spirit but come on!!! I would rather sell 500 at $400 than 50 at $899.

Right now Tesla needs to focus on producing the Model S as designed in the most efficient manner. Otherwise, they are not going to be around. Personally, I am ok with not having too much clutter around. I just take my wallet, cellphone+charger and sunglasses occasionally.

Once Tesla become profitable, they can afford to improve on the interior. What we have now is version 1.0. Seats need better support, cushion. Door pockets? CCI? etc. Got to be standard. For 20,000-50,000 cars, the incremental cost in minimal. At the prices points of the Model S, the last thing I want is be nickel and dime.

The simple laws of supply and demand will sort this out. It's clear from this feedback they likely will not be selling many of these at this price. I think it is a beautiful product. And I like to support small businesses. But I agree with the majority that the value isn't there at that price. I would order one at half these prices. Let's see how many they sell over the next few months. If their orders are slow, I would expect them to cut the price and try to make money on volume.

I applaud Soflauthor for taking the initiative and trying to fill a void left by Tesla's lack of a center console. While it is more expensive than I would've like to pay, I can understand how much of a investment risk and upfront costs that he had to risk in order to take on this endeavor to help many of us on this board that was crying for an alternative to the basic Tesla design. I think many are being too harsh on the criticism.

As has been mentioned, there are two major costs that are involved. One is the development cost and two is the production cost. The development cost is pretty fixed and must be amortized through the number of units sold. The production cost is mostly variable (some fixed start up costs - like making the molds) and then cost of materials, with some costs dependent on volume of the run.

This sounds like an opportunity for a group purchase, if there is interest. People would commit to a purchase of say the standard model at a specific price dependent on achieving a volume of sales within a certain time period. I am guessing that if 1000 people commit to purchase the standard model, the price will be very attractive. If ten people commit, it will be at list price. Of course the manufacturer will have to determine whether this is something s/he would like to do and what price at what volume would work.

Have to admit I am bit surprised by the outpouring on these CCI threads. While I personally am not interested in the CCI (am happy w/ the interior as-is) the way I see it, this is close to the most inexpensive Model S options that exists. Looks to be professionally done, a significant effort to align with and blend in with the various interior options and provides a solution for what's been an expressed need by a large group.

I have my $14 Michael's tote under my cubby and if I wanted something more, the CCI seems like the best alternative. At the risk of alienating everybody on this forum - how about either shut up about the lack of a console or do the same wrt the price of the CCI. Hypocrites abound is my take.

+1 @JZ13

My feelings exactly. I really want to support SoFL and have nothing negative to say about the CCI, but given what it is (and I would get the custom model to match my expected interior), it is currently too close in price to other model S options like leather seats, air suspension, pano roof. When compared to those "products", the value just doesn't seem to be there. I wish him the best.

@Bubba2000 - what you are missing is that door pockets, grab handles, no center console, etc are that way not because it saves money but because Tesla (Elon?) wants it that way. So, the only way I see Tesla offering those options would be if they found out they couldn't sell the car without them. At current reservation rates, that seems unlikely.

One cool thing about the Tesla is the flat floor due to lack of driveshaft. The center console takes that aspect out, and makes it look like just any other car. Also console volume to storage volume ratio is rather poor. The existing cup-holders seem in an awkward place; will have to see what to do about it. I may build something myself, b/c $900 is just way over the top, like a $500 burger (been to alinea several times and loved every second of it).

Truly hope that I'm wrong and the product sells. However, the value is just not there for me at that price point. I'm getting use to the center area and frankly, I don't like to keep much stuff in my car anyway. Much luck to the makers though.

This is my dream console with some adjustments I would make for cups and other personal belongings.

Imagine if Tesla Motors had a bench front seat option in the future to seat six or eight. No console. On second thought, order Model X.

that cup holder is a joke btw, no secure jaw = coffee everywhere

fail !

@ kikimats

Where do you see a cup holder? There is nothing but an ashtray on the picture, the rest controls should be removed and cup holders and other trays added

@ Mark Z

Imagine that you bought an airplane....... I am suggesting this console based on what we have.

For those who have time, could always build your own:

I also commend Soflauthor for taking on developing an accessory that so many folks wanted.

I signed up to be on the list and have been following the development since then.

When I got the email discussing price I was stunned, shocked, overwhelmed (you can add any adjective you want)etc. about the price. I had a price point of $300-400 in my head for the CCI. I'm not sure that I'm willing to pay ~$900 (tax, shipping,etc.) for providing marginal space management. I'd really like to get real world feedback from some beta testers or early purchasers before I spend that kind of money on a nice to have item.

Small scale productions drives the costs.
I think the price is fair, even if it might seem steep at first.

You have to factor in small series, loads of time spend crafting by hand, designing and choosing material etc. If you think it is too expensive that is ok, don't order one. Just don't be a hater. Them guys also need their bread and butter.

Btw part of the price is for the CCI to look like a factory option and not some lame aftermarket part bought cheap in walmart.

Also this is hand crafted. Look at the nice stitching. Beautiful work and craftsmanship.

Is the stitching too nice? Does it show up the seats'? ;)

I also think that the pricing for this pretty easy part to manufacture is priced about 50% too high!

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Or wait for the Chinese knock-off.

petero - this sort of infantile response discourages the open exchange of ideas and opinions that makes this forum useful

I think they should lower the price at $350 to $450. But at $899 no way. Call me when that happens, otherwise I will wait for TM console to be released. The price just forces me to wait.....

You want his slave labor to make only $4/hr instead of $8?

wbrown01 - and the odds that any potential TM console is $450 is less is what? Zero is my expectation. Priced at or above CCI with installation is a better guess IMO.

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