charging cable lengths

i wanted to know if anyone can tell me the length of the charging cables? the config i'll be using is a nema 14-50 receptacle to the tesla. what is the length of the adapters and cables needed to make this config? i'm mounting the receptacle and need to know the length of the cable to plan.


18 feet

really? ok, thx. is that like, 3' for nema14-50 adapter, and 15' for main section?

fyi, from walter franck at tm:

The charging cable that comes with Model S is 20 feet long. 20’ for the entire cable. The adapter is just a “head” part that can be swapped out, it doesn’t add any significant length. Our recommendation is to install your plug no further than 18 feet away. The charge port on Model S is the rear driver side.

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