Charging a Tesla on the street for a homeowner without a garage

Is there anyone else besides me that is buying a Tesla without a garage?

Our Seattle house was built in 1907 before people drove cars; most in our neighborhood park on the street, and our small fenced yard does not have room for a car. We live in Madrona, the sidewalks are separated from the road by an island. My electrician suggested having the power cord cross the sidewalk with an aluminum cord protector over it (with caution stripes to prevent pedestrians from tripping over it), but this is not ideal. Ideally it would be great to set a charging station on the island and tunneling the electrical conduit underneath the sidewalk from the house, but we have been unable to get an answer from the city of Seattle on whether this would be OK.

Has anyone had experience charging a Tesla on the street from their home? Does anyone know the city's position on setting up a charging station on a sidewalk island (technically city property?) Or if it is OK to run an extension cord underneath the sidewalk in a conduit tube from a charging station on the edge of the private property?

Thanks, any information would be useful

You probably need a permit, but something like this might work:

I don't have a garage. My car was delivered on 12/31. We live in an apartment that has no easily accessible outlets. I spent the first couple of days talking to neighbors who had exterior outlets (offered to rent a parking space and pay for the extra electricity based on whatever formula they wanted to use). No luck. The reasons mentioned were fire hazard, potential circuit overload, and just plain 'I don't feel comfortable because I don't know what it might do'. The next step was to talk to businesses around my office. Same story... We made it work by changing our shopping & dining habits. We now do our grocery shopping at Fred Meyer, which has charging stations, instead of QFC that does not; go to dinner to restaurants based on their proximity to charging stations; I tend to have a lot of meetings downtown Seattle where there are a lot of chargers, etc. 85kW battery is more than sufficient for our needs, but buying the car was followed by a decision to buy a house with a garage (signed papers & going through the motions of a real estate transaction at this point). Not having a place to plug in at home or at the office is more than doable though!

There are tax incentives for businesses to install these--perhaps your work would like to do so?,

Yesterday I had dinner with a friend who lives in Seattle and I was showing him (showing off!) my Model S. He was very impressed and went to the Bellevue Square store today to finalize color choices, options, etc. He's almost ready to place his order but one issue came up which he'd like some more information on: he parks on the street and isn't sure how feasible it would be to install a curbside receptacle for charging. Has anyone done this successfully, and if so would you be willing to talk about your experiences with him? If so, please get in touch with me directly, salman at mughal dot us, and I'll connect you with my friend. Thanks!

@Salman | JULY 21, 2013: […]he parks on the street and isn't sure how feasible it would be to install a curbside receptacle for charging. Has anyone done this successfully[…]

Check out some threads on TMC where ethos has been done:

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Thanks @Alex!

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