As a future owner in Colorado, I am investigating the tax incentives for purchasing a Roadster and I have some questions.  Here is a link to the relevant description of the tax credit:

It appears that there is an "Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit" which is 85% (for ZEV) of the price difference between the cost of the vehicle and the cost of the "same or most similar vehicle that uses a traditional fuel".  Most of the examples cited are for hybrids which also have a similar gasoline-only version.  But no such version exists for the Roadster (obviously).  So, what is the most similar traditional vehicle?  A 2007 Lotus Elise?  This vehicle has an MSRP around $46,000.  So, by that logic, would the credit be 85% * (101,000 - 46,000) = $46,750?  If that is correct, I could buy an Elise with the tax savings.  If anyone can clarify how this credit should be computed, please share your view.

This is a pretty incredible potential tax savings, but I think that there is a cap on the maximum.  I will check on that. 

BTW, are there any other future Colorado owners.  I am in Boulder.  Where are you located?

Hi Lindsay, I'm in Thornton.

Hi Rich1 and Lindsey,

    I am Steve in Golden. I also have looked at the tax law for Colorado
(Before I bought a Prius in March and ordered my Tesla in June). I concluded
the same as you with the following additional thoughts:

        1) You get 5 years to use the tax credit ... so you have to have enough
        income to do that (200K plus) to maximize the benefit.
        I used to qualify when working but as a retiree I do not. I will still
        get a good bit of it, however.

        2) You will get more (100% instead of 85%) is you notice the item about
        disposing of a 10 year old car out of state or having it crushed. It says
        that you double the tax credit (up to 100%).

    I am driving a 2007 Prius now... for which I did dispose of a 1993 Geo Metro XFI
out of state. That did get me the 100% instead of the 85% back in April.

    I have another Geo Metro - 1996 - which I will dispose of out of state to get
the 100% case here on the Tesla.

    Interestingly, there are 3 TESLAs ordered in my Zip Code.... 80401 ... land of
NREL and CSM ... I do not know the other owners.

    Are either of you going out to the event in Pebble Beach this weekend?
The Sustainable Museum of Sustainable Transportation Golden.

Hello everyone, I am also Steve,  however I live in Lakewood. I ordered my Tesla back in April. I went out to the Pebble Beach invitation and it was great to see the Tesla up close and meet other people that had ordered one. As I understand it one of the boad members is in Boulder and he of course is getting a Tesla.  I think that when the few of us get our cars next year we will have to meet somewhere for a BBQ or something.

Hello Colorado Owners!
  I am in line for #442 and have been told that I may get the car as early as May.  How are the rest of you doing?  Anyone take delivery yet and want to share experiences of getting the car in Colorado?  I know someone must have a number lower than mine and at least be close.  If you want to contact me outside of this discussion to exchange phone numbers, addresses, etc, please send me e-mail at .

I have had #433 in Boulder for a week now.  It appears that I am the first person to register a Tesla in Colorado.

Can that be correct?

When I went to the Boulder County Clerk's office to get title and registration, the woman had to call the Colorado DMV in Denver to get a three letter code for Tesla to put in the paperwork.  The person at the state office created the code "TES" on the spot. 

Am I really the first person to register a Tesla in Colorado?

I don't think so ... Elon's brother should have been the first:

See, "Kimbal is Chef-Owner at The Kitchen." 

I went by to say hello.  Last year when Kimbal registered his Tesla in Colorado, the DMV did not know what to do, and registered it as a Ferrari.  So I guess that I am the first to register a Tesla in Colorado as a Tesla.

You were not.  The DMV just isn't very squared away.

So Mark, if you are another Tesla owner in Colorado, please contact me off-line at .

I'd love to say hello.  Also, I have an HPC and two RV 14-50 outlets at my house for visiting Teslas in Boulder.

Butch, I am.  Up on lookout mountain.  I have been a little too busy for contact.

Has anyone been contacted reference "the repairs."

Renew America Roadtrrip is planning their launch from NYC on July 15th and making at least one stop in the Denver area on or around 7/25/09 - leading "America's First GREEN CHARITY drive cross contry in an all-electric sportscar" using our "ECO-warrior" white Tesla Motor's Roadster #245.  See more details at  We are working to identify people in the area that are interestd in showing their support for our drive through the area and/or join our area event planning team.  We are also continuing to look for potential cooperative charities and local, regional, and national sponsors or volunteers to participate or help finalize event planning in your area.  Please contact me if you would like to know more or can help us promote renewable energy and charity across the USA.    Let's start "Driving America Green!"

Hey name is Dana Reed. I live in downtown denver. I bought the model S months back and am number P532.  I assume it will be a while before I get it.

That being said, anyone in denver area up for giving me a test ride in your roadster? I bought the 'S' based off what I saw on the website. I'd love to actually experience the torque and accelteration of the roadster.  I'm happy to give you a ride in the 'S' when i get it.

Also, I got confirmation from tesla yesterday that there are plans for a dealership in denver in about a year or so. I inquired as to if Diamler dealers will be able to service these vehicles, and the reply was that "they are not sure, but that certainly makes sense."



has anyone found a concrete answer to the tax benefit of the roadster in colorado? if in fact that credit is true, i'll buy one tomorrow!

please advise.


i have submitted a request to the colorado tax dept on the actual colorado tax credit for the model S and the roadster.  My understanding is that the govt works with manufacturers to find the 'nearest vehicle' off of which to base the computation of 'difference in price'.  My hope is that the roadsters 'nearest vehicle' is in fact the lotus elise. Perhaps tesla themselves can help sell that argument?

I'll post again if i get a response. The website shows some example vehicles and there are some lexus's on there that have tax credits of over 16,000 dollars, so maybe just maybe this is a great little loophole....a 100k car for 45k. :)

I received an e-mail from John Doty (Colorado Department of Revenue) on 9/28 stating that Roadsters titled and registered in CO in 2009 would be eligible for a $38,816 (2008 Model Year) or $42,083 (2010 Model Year)tax credit as part of the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit program. He added that the Oct. 2009 FYI regarding the program would specify the Roadster.

Castle Rock

WoW!  I want to move to CO!

Just two more weeks to register in Colorado for the big tax credit.  I am in Boulder County and had a very easy experience with the DMV.  They don't seem to mind if you drive it directly to the DMV without registering first and getting a temp tag.  The downside is that sales tax was $15,800 and the annual renewal is over $3,000.  I used to live in Pennsylvania where it cost $36 to renew any car registration each year.

So, after about a week of ownership, I can say that the car only gets more exciting.  The only downside is that it draws a crowd whenever I park, despite the presence of the Boulder Tesla dealer within blocks of where I typically park.  Today I was eating breakfast is downtown Boulder and walked out to see a man petting the hood.  And to think my wife thought I was weird about the car...

I drove my Racing Green 2010 Roadster to the Boulder County Clerk's offices to get it registered on the day I took delivery, December 28. My car had been in the showroom for two weeks before I was able to pick it up (it arrived at the store the day I left on a 9-day trip, and it snowed more or less continuously for several days after I returned: it seemed like a bad idea to take an expensive, unfamiliar, over-powered, RWD roadster out in the snow on its maiden voyage). The Tesla store is happy to have had a Racing Green example in the showroom for a couple of weeks, my CPA is happy with the CO and Federal tax credits, and I'm more than happy with the car (the understatement of the month!).

I'm 6'2", 235lb, and my kids are variously sized up to 6'6" and 300lb, and we all fit (two at a time, obviously) in the car just fine. I had an electrician install a dedicated 240V/50A circuit with a NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage, which seemed like the best bang for the buck when balancing charge rate against installation costs. Longmont, where I live, has a city utility that sells electricity at $0.0597-$0.0733/kWh, based on monthly usage. This is a 9.3% increase over 2009 rates, but still not bad, since most of the rest of Colorado is served by XCel Energy at about $0.12-$0.13/kWh.

So far the farthest I've gone between charges is up to Estes Park and back; it was a hoot and a half charging up the canyon and easing around the usual complement of flatlander slowpokes with absolutely no fuss. A guy in Estes Park stopped to ask if I'd had any trouble getting up the mountain in my electric car; he obviously had no idea what's 'under the hood' :-)

I'd be happy to swap stories with and provide a plug-in for other Tesla owners who pass this way.

Longmont, CO


Welcome to the club.  I took delivery right after the incentive was announced, and I've plowed through lots of snow and muck since then in my NederlandDIA commute.  Still having some intermittent issues with cold charging and a heater circuit, but we're working through them.

I also just stuck with my existing 220 outlets I have in the garage for power tools.  I have some in the ceiling that work perfectly, and even charging at 30A/24A, it's plenty fast enough for my driving patterns.

If you make it up to Nederland some time soon, let me know.  I don't think I'm going to be able to make the ice racing event after all.  :(


I need to garage my Tesla for a couple of months.  Does anyone have any suggestions on a good storage company in the Denver/Boulder area?


You need a storage company that is good and will let you plug in the car while in storage.

If anyone needs alignment work in the Denver area, I recommend Alignment Masters in Littleton. I took my Roadster there and they did a great job. Ask for Johnny. 303-761-7219.

Hello Colorado,
I'm going to be driving my Roadster from LA to Denver for a conference at the Colorado Convention Center the last week of August.
Does anyone know of any hotels that have 240V outlets or other charging facilities in the vicinity of the convention center?
Are there any other hidden charging locations around that I should be aware of? What about along the I70 corridor enroute? Are there any facilities in the Glenwood Springs, Gypsum, Vail area? I've heard there's an AVCON at the Costco in Eagle but are there any others?

Liberty Mutual just added the Roadster to the list of vehicles they will insure - their coverage is better at a lower price than Progressive.

Are there any Colorado people waiting on the Model S checking this forum? I am general production reservation number 4235 hoping to see some model S vehicles around town this summer.

There are about 20 Sigs in CO, according to the guys at Park Meadows.


I just joined the forum I am in Highlands Ranch and have a 2010 Roadster Sport.


Sig #939 anxiously awaiting in FoCO

I'm thinking of getting the high speed charger installed at home. Are people letting other Tesla owners come charge at their house on long road trips?

I'm only an hour north of Denver, but if someone from colorado springs was looking to recharge on the way to Wyoming, I'm thinkin they might appreciate the juice right around Fort Collins.

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