Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

Hi All in the Dallas/Texas area!

I haven't made a post since I made the very first post in this thread in April 2007.

I loved my Roadster until I totaled it last year. So I really looking forward to getting back on electric soon.

If anyone else in Dallas is getting an S sound off.


@TGoodman: Signature Red was only available for Signature vehicles (limited edition, first 1000 in the US, some in Canada and EU as well). Sunset Red is coming next year, but you can't order it yet. The paint setup in Fremont only allows 10 colors at a time; once Signature Red is gone, they'll switch to Sunset Red. I've seen a Sunset Red in person at the NJ drive event, and it looks great, although I think I like Sig Red better.

Ouch, how did you total your Roadster? How many miles did you have on it? Also, were they able to salvage the battery?

Can't wait to get mine next year.
I'm in north Dallas.



Me too. Just north of Dallas.

Hi guys - I'm 7544 and looking forward to it. SMU area. Went to the Get Amped event and loved it. My son, who is not (yet) a car enthusiast, was much more excited after the event than before, as was the friend I took with me. Cars are great. Surprised to say I think the best color on the car is the brown (they need to find another name like 'Coppertone' for it).

Anyone else have to have an electrician run more power to the garage to handle a HPWC? That's not cheap - trying to add it to the other cost rationalizations. Amazing car even if it wasn't incredibly efficient!

@dbbtexas I went with the 85 KWh battery, which means twin chargers, I chose to use a 240 volt outlet, instead of the HPWC. I think that will be sufficient, and is a bit less expensive. It can give about 31 miles or charge per hour.

J King,

Unless your lifestyle is such that you drive a long distance in the morning, then come home and have to drive another 100 miles in a couple of hours, the 14-50 plug should be just fine for everything other than trips (when you'll be charging away from home anyway).

The twin charger option allows you to use greater-than-40 amp charging to gain faster charging speed. (no difference in charging time at 40 amps or lower). Also note that the twin chargers have nothing to do with the superchargers. (You probably know all this already but just in case...)

Right now the main reason for twin chargers is future-proofing. If larger chargers become more common then the twin chargers will be an asset. The other reason is if you have an HPC which the twin chargers can take advantage of.

Just signed my purchase agreement in early August. Deliv Nov/Dec. Had an electrician run a 14/50 in my garage. Put it in the ceiling with inertia reel to hold the cord (I posted specifics in the reservation holder section).

Moved from Frisco to McKinney. Didn't think it was a big deal, til I calculated the distance to my sister's house in League City.

Either Buc ee's needs a charging station or I need to drive 55. :)

WJ P188

What happened to the battery pack from your roadster? Reeally interested in seeing what they are good for outside powering a very fast car.

#3565 in Argyle (Lantana). Looking at December delivery. Debating where I should get it delivered???

Yes, #11484. Dallas

Any of you in Dallas that get your car, I would love to meet you somewhere to get my fix. My number is in the 11Ks so it will be next summer for me. Very depressing. Am getting my garage outfitted. Also in the SMU area. The rest of my email address is "" thanks

(it has been a while since I have posted)

7 weeks ago, I signed my MVPA and plan to get my vehicle late fall. Even with the rampdown in production that the Sept 23rd SEC filing indicated, at P188, I should receive my vehicle about Christmas-time. That is, unless the earth stops rotating and we all fly off into outerspace - which, I guess, could happen ... so I am cautiously optimistic.

I plan to make this an event. So, I plan to take the afternoon off work, or a Saturday, or something - and I plan to have it delivered to my home. When it gets closer to the date I will post here and on the Tesalmotorsclub dot com website as well.

I plan to have the 19" wheels, a rumble seat, pano roof, and the car will be blue. Going to get the tech package. Will not be getting paint armor.

I am in the McKinney area, right off Custer and 380. Again, this is going to be an event for me and I hope to be able to take some drives in the following weekends to allow others to see what I have gotten myself into.

I probably won't post anything on this site until the actual delivery of the car is firmed up. Til then ...

McKinney Texas

Just took delivery! It's AMAZING! Ask for Armen for your personal delivery... He's AWESOME! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Sorry, S351... White with white, non performance...

@BestBrokerinDallas Who did you have do the charging installation? I should be getting my notification shortly and am working on the charging plug now. Would you recommend them as a good source?

@J King - I have an electrician friend that installed a 220 for me... I don't the specific cost just for that, for I had a bevy of other electrical work performed... My email is if you would like to email me for his info...

Also, I shopped around for insurance and landed on an OUTSTANDING deal with a connection at Liberty Mutual. He said he could talk to everyone in Texas (if others read this). He wasn't sure if it was a glitch, but I am fully insured on the S for less than what my Acura MDX is... Between the quote with my current insurance and the quote with Liberty Mutual, the LM quote was 47% of the quote with my other (saving me about $1,400 a year)... Email me if you would like his contact information, too. He said he could hook up any one I refer over to him...

RAY :-)

Finalized my order and got the countersigned papers back today. Feb/March delivery timeframe, Reservation # 7544. Can't wait (60Kwh, brown, tech, supercharger, sound, 21" wheels, armour, parcel shelf, air susp).

BestBrokerinDallas - keep us posted as you enjoy it! And don't be shy about showing it off. We'd love to meet you for breakfast somewhere on a Saturday or something and all do some appropriate congratulating. Are you the first in DFW?

I was there when @BestBrokerinDallas took delivery! I shot video of the excitement, but I don't want to share it unless he gives me permission. :)

Looks like there will be 2 brown Model Ss in Dallas, @dbbtexas! I'm P4559 with expected delivery in Nov/Dec. 85kWh, tech, sound, 21" silver wheels, parcel, air susp. Woo!

Great video, Brad. Nice job.

Brad - Congrats! We'll be able to spot each other easily :)

Please shoot me the video if its available to share or a link.

I'm in the SMU area - any chance you're in the same area?

Guys, I am in the SMU/HP area and saw my first one the other day sitting in front of a house not ten blocks away. I put my card in its window and the lady called me back. Very nice, but I asked her to call me when she had time to give me a ride. Nothing yet. I feel like a kid going to see the Beatles or something. Hell, I'm 60. If any of you get your car and would not mind contacting me so MAYBE I can go for a short spin, I would certainly appreciate it. Mine wont be here until next summer. Damn. Thanks, Shannon

Shannon - Your post cracked me up - and I am totally the same. Maybe the Houston store will have test drive units soon (or might have some now??) Car is awesome in person isn't it? Can't wait for the comparison tests to come soon (that M5 v. S drag video was fun wasn't it?)

Thanks. Would you have time some day for me to see your ride?

@dbbtexas - I'm pretty close to that area I think! I'm in the M Streets between 75 and White Rock Lake. Just moved here recently so I'm still getting used to where things are around me. :) I sent the video to your gmail... if that IS your real email. :)

@dbbtexas: Until the law changes, the Houston store won't have test cars. Currently, the state has to approve the test drive events which are then 'corporate' (via California) and not perceived to be the local store acting in a dealer-like way facilitating test drives.

@Shannon: If you get down to Houston, you are welcome to a ride.

I saw a gray Model S on the UNT campus yesterday! I wonder if the owner plays in the forums... if you're out there hit me up! I work on UNT campus and I'd love to get in touch with another nearby Tesla owner! :)

Hey everyone, I am reservation holder S#7705 and am just now getting into reading the forums and blogs now that my car is being built. I looks like there are quite a few folks already enjoying their cars!

Question for those of you that have them already, have you had any luck with being able to plug them in anywhere else other than home? I have seen a few charing stations around the Dallas area and am wondering if anyone has put them to use yet.


@Terk: Welcome! I've charged at Blink J1772 stations just fine. eVgo is another option but there is a monthly fee to charge there so I haven't subscribed. Otherwise, due to range, I haven't needed to charge outside of my home yet. RV parks are usually the best bet, though, because you can get 40amps instead of 30amps at many other chargers. However, I've tested a number of J1772 chargers (Nissan Dealer, etc.) and all have worked fine.

@stephen.pace: Very good to know, thank you. It is good to know that it is not just all talk about a universal charging system.

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