Dashboard Clock — New and Improved

Hi guys,

Dashboard Clock, the first dashboard application for the Model S, has been updated with new functionality and improved compatibility with the 4.1 Tesla Software release. With this release, you now have:

o Analog Clock
This handsome clock was the genesis for the whole project. Like the site, the clock is designed to compliment the aesthetics of the model S interior.

o Stock Quotes
Track up to dozens of individual equities or indexes for at-a-glance updates.

o US Weather
A quick check of the weather in any US location is a tap away.

o @TeslaMotors News
Keep you finger on the Tesla community by monitoring the TeslaMotors twitter traffic.

o Be our Guest
Each module is configurable and settings can be preserved without the need to create an account or log into the site. Simply use the favorites feature of your browser and your settings will survive even when you computer restarts.

o New Site
Reflecting the expanded role of the application, the site has a new address: Come visit and let us know when you think here or on Twitter at @time4tesla.



Very, very nice! Especially great for U.S. owners. I'm in Canada for much of the year, so I can't really use the weather module, but the new modules are all super additions.

Well done!

@HaroldS - thanks for the feedback. Enjoy the rest for now. rumbles

@Rumbles, did you write this? Is the SDK available?

@discoducky - I did, but no SDK yet (that I am aware of). It is vanilla HTML /JS. It is the duct tape and mirrors that make it feel native :)

Getting 'null' on the weather screen when I use my zip code 33432

@nickjhowe - Sorry for the troubles. It appears to be conflating you zipcode with an address in europe. Until we get a fix, try "33432 us".

Cheers, Rumbles

How about allowing weather for us in Canada?

@nickjhowe - The issue should now be fixed. Server now prefers US addresses when geocoding.

@jgdixon - Current the weather source is NOAA. They don't do much work in CA :) We are currently evaluating more robust sources.

Cheers, Rumbles

Good work, I love it. How about graphs for stocks?

Environment Canada. Or Intellicast. Accuweather. Lots of Cdn. coverage.

@Rumbles | JANUARY 6, 2013: @nickjhowe - Sorry for the troubles. It appears to be conflating you zipcode with an address in europe. Until we get a fix, try "33432 us".

null with 85750 zip code also. "85750 us" works.

@Rumbles | JANUARY 6, 2013: Current the weather source is NOAA. They don't do much work in CA :) We are currently evaluating more robust sources.

Check out . They have many citizen weather stations up and provide more accurate current regional weather conditions and also have some remote places.

Thanks @Rumbles. Works great. Thanks for all your efforts.

+1 @Alex K - re Wunderground.

I've had my car for awhile, but haven't bothered checking this forum till now. What is a dashboard app and how do I get them? I obviously missed something.

Wow, this app looks great and is working well for me. I look forward to future enhancements, including perhaps Top US News stories (customizable for other countries as well) on the News tab. Thanks for developing this fantastic app!

Weather in Canada...isn't that just Cold, Colder and Oh my gawd!

Just kidding, I love BC - Manitoba...not so much.

Clock still frozen when first booted up, moves only when all the settings are re-entered, and not always then (on Windows XP, which may not be a fair test).

All the rest works.

@David32, just bring up the browser on the screen in the car, and go to the address: Configure it as you like, and then save to your Favorites (press the little +heart icon).

@Rumbles, when I look at the page in Chrome on my mac and chose a timezone/weather location it appends those to the end of the URL. When I do the same thing on the car browser it just appends a #; adding that URL to favorites doesn't save the settings...

@nickjhowe - yet another limitation of the older browser in the dash. Our plan was to preserve your setting in the URL so that they survived a restart (in which all cookies are lost). Unfortunately, as you observed, the url re-writing doesn't work in-dash. We're working on a addressing the issue. Sorry for the misstep. Rumbles

Thanks for all the work on this, and please don't take any comments as criticism. No-one has any right to criticize a free product! Keep up the great work.

Haven't logged onto this to post yet, but just wanted to thank Rumbles for the 'app'! Had your original one and it was a cool clock, but I had other favs to check tesla stock and weather. The new improved version just saved me from switching back and forth to those other sites. Its all in one! The clock really does add some classic style to the dash! Can't drive without it!

I LOVE the clock, and the additional features are, or, will be great when you get the settings sorted out to remember user-defined preferences. But it's great :) I have two quick comments:

1. Why did you ditch the TelsaTime URL? I really liked that one, it's sounds (and looks) a lot better than Time4Tesla. Just my $0.02.

2. Under stocks, the symbol for Nasdaq (which is the exchange that Tesla and Solar City trade on) is .IXIC (and yes, you need that period).

Thanks again, great App :)

Oh, and 3. The clock is always a minute or two behind the clock in the car...Not a huge deal, just wondering if there is a way to sync that up?

Maybe I am missing something, but hopefully someone can help me. Once I put a site in my favorites, I cannot figure out how to delete it?

@Flex, I'm not sat in the car right now so can't check, but on similar lists there's a little (x) towards the right side of the item.

@ stocks:
I know now that the extension .IXIC is needed for Nasdaq quotes. But what are the extensions for the other stock markets, please?
Also, I'm interested in EURUSD currency. Any idea how I can get this?


Upgrades to Tesla Time are outstanding. Keep up the nice work. Really enjoy the weather, stock price and news.

Thank you!

Michael Emrich. I just Googled "What is the ticker symbol for Nasdaq." It yielded various results, so I kept trying the options listed until one worked. For this App, I believe the prefix is always going to be a period "." rather than some of the other icons used, such as "^" It's just trial and error. Although, this won't be totally useful until the App is set to remember our set preferences.

Nice clock, thank you Rumbles. Can't wait for tesla apps that can be loaded and placed on the dash and/or screen console.

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