Driver's Dome Light Issue

Was sitting in my new toy the other day reading the owner's manual and learning how to drive a very fast computer and I used the manual on/off option for the driver's side dome light. It broke! The light still works, but when I push it in to manually turn it on I can feel that it doesn't "click". All the other dome lights work. I suspect that this manual off/on feature is not one that many of us use regularly, but you should check its functionality. I was using it to light the owner's manual during gloaming and turned it off and on 3-4 times. Dunno if the regular use stressed it or it was just bad luck. The outstanding service dept. in San Diego will get it fixed. A minor issue, but one worth looking into. Hope it's not a manufacturing flaw that will become more apparent as more folks use it and a massive fix has to occur. Beat the rush and check it now!

You don't know your own strength.

Side note, I noticed my dome lights in the front fade off when clicked while the rear ones turn off immediately. Just an observation.

Huh! An ergonomic refinement, no doubt. Gives the drivers eyes time to adjust. Not so important with passengers!

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